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Movie Reviews: Loqueesha: 12/22/2020 22:27:23

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
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I normally don't do movie reviews because I'm not some gay hipster. But, this is one of these rare type of movies that are hard to come by.
There are many films which are classics or considered game changing, but... Film is an artform like any other artform.

Sometimes you like a film because it's good, the same way you might be impressed by a realistic painting.
But this movie provides an untouched genre which is akin to seeing a style of painting that has become lost in time.
Sure this movie might not be the highest quality, but it is a brave and unique style of humor
A kind of humor that shouldn't be dug under, why should one have to restrict their sense of humor?

Overall this movie has been called racist, but the way I see it is that those people are actually racist. They missed a message of the movie.
If someone gives you good advice, honest advice to your life, why, why does it matter what their identity is.
Why do you think someone has to be the same ethnicity or gender to give you good advice?

This movie is a brave expression of artwork. The likes that the producer knew he wouldn't make money off of it.
Art's primary role isn't to please people, it is to be an expressive parallel of the creator.
Movie Reviews: Loqueesha: 12/24/2020 01:56:34

Level 57
I rate this review 7/10
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