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'Make an alt'-button ..: 8/4/2014 02:09:35

Level 60
.. is what we need now, it seems. I mean, many players make alt(s) these days. Some makes 1 and some 100. I know they are not loved in here, but when everyone makes them anyway, why not make it easier to make them?

My alt gave me this lovely idea.
'Make an alt'-button ..: 8/4/2014 03:26:06

Level 54
Alt revplution ! The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few! Why do we stay divided and struggle m only United can we kick main account arse ! - Lenin's Alt
'Make an alt'-button ..: 8/4/2014 03:45:21

Level 59
lol having an alt system built in warlight would be interesting
'Make an alt'-button ..: 8/4/2014 05:05:20

Poundland £1
Level 20
There are no alts in Warlight.

However, if you want one, I can create it for you for just £1.
As a matter of fact, you'd get two alts for the price of one!
Isn't that amazing?
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