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Alternate History Game!: 8/3/2014 05:06:58

Red Menace
Level 55

If you are not in the game, ignore this unless you want to join.

I. Introduction

This game claims and tries to get near to reality. Therefore, there are some rules and particularities. The most important one is that the game is run by a game leader who has a bunch of competences. He is the almighty chief of the game but will mind the rules, of course. He firms up his power by a special territory ("Leader´s position") that is connected to every single territory on the map. The Leader´s Position is garrisoned by a huge number of units, but the game leader will not abuse his power. Instead, he enforces the abidance by the rules of the game. E.g.: He may generate riots and rebellions or he can eliminate players who do not apply to the rules.

The game will start in early times of human civilization, in the year of 600BC and will continue until the greater future. Each century will have a set amount of turns and will be announced by the game leader in public chat each turn. As each era passes, new game-changing features will be included. An example of this would be Inter-continental travel, Nuclear weapons, and more!

II. Home Affairs

Fiscal system, economy, prosperity
Each player possesses some territories which are located at the edge of the map and are only connected to the Leader´s position. This is called the “Substitute Bench”.

• Economic Development: Near the substitute benches is a column called Economics, atleast 50% of your income should be put into this to expand your nation's economy, influence, and stability. Although you can go over or lower than 50%, it simply depends on the route you plan to lead your nation. Every time you reach 60 in this column, you'll receive permission for the use of 3 different cards, Sanction, Airlift, and Diplomacy card. Another benefit of higher economic development is increased stability and decreased chances of rebel attacks and their sizes. In most cases, you shouldn't go below 30% of income usage for economic development unless it's last resort situation.
• Lands that are not paid will starve simulated by attacks from the Leader´s Position. The lower the Army Upkeep is payed, the higher and more devastating teh game leader's attacks will be.
• Alternatively, you can deliberately dismiss units by attacking the Leader´s Position with it.
• If single territories or a group of territories do not have a land connection to the capital territory via own or allied territories, they count technically as a separate exclave, still controlled by you. You cannot deploy more troops to such territories than the bonus value of an exclave allows.and the bonus of an exclave cannot be deployed in other exclaves . This gives the possibility to encircle, this is to say to isolate adversarial armies: Armies that do not receive their pay and maintenance costs as vital fresh supply, because they are cut off from their homeland by adversarial territories, will starve simulated by attacks from the game leader.
• If you suffer casualties and lost armies from the game leader's attacks, when they were not meant for you, you will receive a PM which will inform you of how many reinforcement cards you may use to replace the lost armies. An example of this occurrence is if you attacked and captured an isolated territory, then the gameleader also attacked the same isolated territory to simulate starvation, but ends up only attacking you after you've already captured the lands. Make sure to also PM the gameleader if this happens in case they do not see it.
• When you are placed on teh geo map, you must select one of your territories to become your "capital". If this territory is lost, you will suffer great economic and political breakdown.

III. International Affairs

War, Peace, Espinoge, Trade

This game holds many influence involved features that allow you to interact with others in a different way such as:

• Devatsted land: There is no limit on how many territories you are allowed to conquer, but heavily fought-on and devastated territories will be simulated by attacks from the gameleader. To avoid this, it will be good to have a high amount of troops on this territory or spend gold to stabilize the area. In most cases you'll recieve a PM if one of your territories are devasted, what the attack sizes will range in, and will be told the amount of armies/gold required for stability, but it's still possible that these could occur without warning. Other examples of devasted areas could be, disease outbreak, natural disaster, or a famine. This is why it's reccemended for a spread out military instead of large individual stacks. If a devastated territory isn't handled, it will be more likely to break away to a nearby state or form it's own independent state.
• Espinoge Packages: For the price of 7 Gold, you'll recieve two options for what you can purchase. The first is start an uprising (10 army attacks) in 2 enemy territories. The second is recieve a "map" of your surroudning area, revealing nations borders, names, and income. You can also spend 1 Gold for 2 surveillance cards.
• Trade: you can only gift territories to nations if the gifted territory shares a border with the nation being gifted. Sending resources to other players requires a border, or consent of the nation(s) between the trading parties.

IV. Resources

Resources, Cards

All players start with a large amount of cards, but is only permitted to use a certain amount based on their resources and other reasons. You will recieve a PM each turn to notify you of cards you currently have and are permitted to use. Resources you control will provide 1 "peice" a turn. Each resources's rewards will require 7 "Pieces", once reached you'll be given the choice to select one of the resource's benifits and will recieve it. Every turn the game leader will PM to notify you of your resource counts.

• Iron Ore: Iron offers your military a stronger metal, providing both priority and delay cards to time your advances exactly. Can be traded with other players.
• Horses: Used in some of the best militaries, horses offer transpotartion, speed, and power. For the price of 7 horse, you'll be allowed to use multi-attack up to 2 territories away. Can be traded with other players.
• Oil: Unlocked later in the game, and is used to replace Horses, as it also enables Multi-attack. This is a game-changing feature and will be of great importance. Can be traded with other players.
• Gold: Gold can be used to purchase espinoge packages, which leads to a bunch of different options. Can also be used to select a new-capital territory for 5 Gold. Can be traded with other players.
• Uranium: Required resources for developing nuclear weapons. Each Uranium you recieve, allows you to create Nuclear Warheads. Can be traded with other players.
• Food: There is different types of food scattered around the world, these types being Fish, Fruit, Wheat, and Cattle. The first of each resource provides 20 Food, after that any more will provide 10 Food. The amount of food you obtain will show your "limit" for military size. Although you can go over this limit, but is only advised if in absolute emergency. The more unfed armies you have, increases the chances of simulated rebel attacks and their sizes. This resource is used theoughout the game from beginning to end and can be traded. When trading this resource, you can only send in the 10's, and can end your supply of food to a player, making food risky to trade with others.

V. Eras and Time

Ovetime, the world's civilizations will grow in their knowledge and science, unlocking new game-changing features or events. I want to keep these some-what secret so it becomes a surprise and new.

• Every single turn the year will be announced in public chat. The leangth of each century will depend on humanity's events. Up until 700AD, most centruies will be short. After that centuries will last extremely long.

[ Resources: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=491631 ]
[ Food: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=494613 ]


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King of Kingz • apex
Level 55
yo guyz!
Alternate History Game!: 8/5/2014 15:57:58

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 51
Alternate History Game!: 8/13/2014 17:20:09

Level 50
I would like to know which resources and foodstuffs correspond to which letter in the templates. Somehow I can't access the template description.
Alternate History Game!: 8/13/2014 17:31:08

Level 60
Known Resources

Q = Gold {Gold}
G = Iron Ore {Grey}
R = Horse {Brown}

CLick link for bigger Image. Then click Image for higher resolution.


C = Fruit {Purple}
T = Cattle {Ligth Brown}
A = Fish {Blue}
D = Wheat {Green}


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Alternate History Game!: 8/13/2014 19:01:10

Level 28
I'm very confused. Is this game like Axis & Allies?

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Red Menace
Level 55
Thanks, TBest!
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