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Challenge levels: 12/9/2020 05:53:09

Emperor Matthias IV
Level 55
What advancements should I develop to beat more challenge levels?
I was able to beat twelve out of the first 19 already.

These advancements are already available to me:
Increased Army Camp Production - 110%
Joint Strike - 25% (max)
Auto-Conquer - 5%
Auto-Upgrade Army Camps - 5%

And these are my artifacts I use for the challenge levels:
Army Camp Boost - Epic (80%)
Bonus Money Boost - Uncommon (20%)
Hospital Boost - Uncommon (4%)

What do you advise?
What advancement upgrades and artifacts should I use to beat the other levels?
Challenge levels: 12/9/2020 07:27:05

Dj Storm
Level 59
Thanks for listing your stats.
Without auto upgrading army camps, one needs +150% army camp production just to beat the first level. The opponent in Huruey's Castle has about +120% armies, 5% autoconquer and no autoupgrade. Normally, a player with +130% armies should be able to win, but the map is built in such way that the player spends armies conquering neutrals, while the opponent goes for the player's army camp.

Normally, more armies mean a higher chance to win. Once the neutrals have been conquered and the two parties are facing each other, the player with a higher army production should win, no matter how big the opponent is. In reality, a party with higher autoconquer might break through the opponent's lines and run to low defense territories, including the initial army camp. Once that falls, the army income shifts and the conquerer will have more income and more autoconquer, which usually wins him the game.

My recommendation:
- Try to guess your opponent's stats - army income level, autoconquer and autoupgrade levels. For this, pause the game after every move if possible, and write down the timestamp and what your opponent spent conquering. It's time consuming, and involves too much guesswork.
- Upgrade advancements in small steps and retry levels, look what changed and if the advancement looks worth it to upgrade further. You should replay past levels that you already won, just to gather information on the effectiveness of your newly upgraded advancement.
- Autoconquer at 5% seems a bit low for someone having autoupgrade. It costs 50 AP to upgrade to 10%, meaning you will conquer neutral territories faster (you need half as many armies on hand than what you need now), more new territories mean more income for more upgrades, and sometimes getting an army camp faster.
Challenge levels: 12/10/2020 18:31:02

Level 57
Two questions

1. Is auto upgrading army camps a pretty necessary advancement for the challenges? I’m wondering if I should keep going for the production increase or save for the auto upgrade camps... current adv: auto conquer 15%, troops 110%

2. For people who have played battles, how many challenge levels should you be able to beat before doing battles?
Challenge levels: 12/10/2020 19:29:40

Level 63
You can do battles at any level

General advice: don’t have the most income, and you will be fine. People are dumb and don’t bother to switch targeting. Even if you don’t place top 5, you still get cool stuff like low tier artifacts and AP.
Challenge levels: 12/11/2020 07:23:45

Dj Storm
Level 59
@JB, is 15% autoconquer helping you beat any challenges? With 110% army income, I think you can beat only Huruey's Castle.
Challenge levels: 12/11/2020 07:59:34

Level 57
@Dj Storm Yes, you are correct. So, not too much help currently. I think I might go for auto upgrade army camps next before upgrading more since that seems useful for challenges
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