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Weird Dreams: 11/15/2020 19:11:54

Level 57
I have had quite a few weird dreams in quarantine so I thought I'd share them here, feel free to share any of your own dreams in here too
Weird Dreams: 11/15/2020 19:16:17

Level 57

I dreamed I was on a stage in a park at night with sandy the squirrel and two characters from full house

so there are people wandering around in the park and some start stopping by the stage to get vaccinated

sandy the squirrel and the full house characters begin vaccinating them so I assume I should start too, but when I go to my vaccination kit

I stick a needle into one of their arms and it snaps, and when I pull it out it is a broken toothpick

so I look into my vaccination kit and all of the needles are flimsy toothpicks

one of my favourite footballers comes over to get vaccinated

so I pull out an egg and crack it on his head

then red vaccine juice comes out of the egg and it feed it to him

just as I discover how to properly vaccinate people the scene changes (you know how dream scenes randomly change)

I am in a forest with exactly 125 people and my piano teacher from 1st grade

and we have to get through the clearing in the forest but there is a bear in the middle of the forest

so everyone gives up and goes home but me and like 5 other people walk around the bear and turns out it was just a rug

we are rewarded with extremely greasy chicken but in the next clearing there are stones on the floor

and so we throw them at my piano teacher

then I get busted and sent home

then the scene shifts to the full house characters talking about their drivers licenses

except they are talking about the percent of the license they have completed or something? idk

anyway after bragging to them how I have my license I wake up
Weird Dreams: 11/15/2020 19:19:57

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Level 61
blessed thread
Weird Dreams: 11/15/2020 19:27:29

Level 57

I am in a hotel with people from my school on a field trip of sorts

but it isn't a regular hotel, there is a waterpark on the roof

and the floors are terraces around a big empty column in the middle

so I take the elevator up to the waterpark and there is this kid selling small pellets of ice

but he is calling them hazelnuts for some reason

I taste one and it is definitely ice, but my friends start buying tons of them and they get hooked on these ice pellets

they seem to think they are hazelnuts

so I take off my shirt and all of a sudden I am ripped as fuck

and I see these two cute girls watching me from the corner of the room but then this ugly girl comes and kisses me before I can talk to them

so I push her away but then the ice kid is in my face trying to sell me his hazelnuts

and I keep trying to get closer to the girls but they keep their distance, we are circling around the terrace

then all of a sudden I get really homesick and want to go home, so I go to the bottom floor to leave

when I go outside the traffic is insane, the hotel is at a busy intersection and the intersection is all brown and hazy/dusty

there are cars swerving in and out of lanes, honking, kicking up dirt

the traffic is nuts and I get scared so I call my mom to come pick me up

but there is no servce

so I wander around the hotel trying to get service, but there is no service anywhere

then she randomly pulls up without me even calling her, but then I wake up
Weird Dreams: 11/15/2020 19:36:03

Level 57

so I am in this forest (I seem to dream a lot about being in forests)

well it's more like a jungle actually, there are monsters I keep seeing out of the corners of my eyes

except the monsters are just people that are behaving like monsters

I find a few people and tame them, then convince them to help me colonize the forest

so I start assigning everybody tasks, and the most important task is to dig up the floor of the area we are standing on

that person does their job but they dig a hole to the void below the world (similar to minecraft below the bedrock layer)

keep in mind I am appointing other people tasks as this is going on

anyway there is no floor so I start panicking and I appoint somebody to fill in the floor

so they take foam mats and start filling in the floor with those

but then my assistant goes to test out the mats and they cave and she falls into the void

so I tell the foam mat person to do a better job and I leave to do other things

I take my group out into the jungle to show them how savage it is

except during that time it's turned from scary night to mundane day

so I tell them, imagine it is night time and scary... and purple :0

then we come across a long dining table which all the monster people are eating bananas at

but I tell my people not to look, it is too uncivilized, and we go back to the foam mats

now the foam mats are finally stable

but then I wake up
Weird Dreams: 11/15/2020 20:34:35

│ [20] │MASTER│ Rikku │ I love my wife │ • apex │
Level 61
I recently have wrote about 50% of the dreams that I remember down (if I can be bothered)


snippet of Illegible and quite possible incoherent regardless
Weird Dreams: 11/16/2020 17:47:13

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Orannis has the weirdest dreams, also have you ever been able to summon stuff by “seeing” it or looking at that spot and imagining what you want there?
Weird Dreams: 11/20/2020 17:41:41

Level 57
Last night I dreamed I was late to PE class cuz I took too long to tie my shoes

My middle school PE teacher was there and he was cool with it

When I showed up everyone was throwing very long darts into basketball nets

I was very scared because the darts were flying everywhere and I might get hit

Then I joined a team and started making a bunch of shots in a row and we were winning

I can’t remember the rest
Weird Dreams: 11/20/2020 21:57:32

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Weird Dreams: 11/20/2020 22:40:53

Level 59
The coolest are controlled dreams when you're aware of dreaming and controlling the reality. They're rare. Usually dream are random and you're not self-aware.

I had dreams when I had this "wait.... I'm dreaming! I can do whatever I want!" moments. So the thing I always want to do is flying, self-levitate, like in Harry Potter. Superman or shit.

You feel invincible, like a God. The ability to levitate above ground and fly at thrilling speeds is something different. I had dreaming when I was mario in real life and flied in short bursts of speeds like a projectile. Mario "super-jumps" to the sky.

Or you can realize your dirty fantasies, that also happens.

Dreams have their own logic which we wouldn't understand when awake. Something which wouldn't make sense when awake, makes sense during sleep. It's more "thinking with emotions" or, like, you had a different brain.

Edited 11/20/2020 22:56:05
Weird Dreams: 11/21/2020 13:53:41

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Just had a dream where I was in surviv.io but there were small wood trees with spiky leaves, on a devast.io map. There were a bunch of players with suits and armor on with all different kinds of suits and armor, hugging the edge of the map, then someone with a level 3 backpack and a level 3 vest comes on out.

I had no ammo for my guns, I went over to a loot box with an unknown design (I didn’t look at it), and went over there with the other person (still not shooting at me?), and she waited for me to punch the box open so she could come on in and steal the loot, I instead picked up a vector, which needed blue ammo instead of the yellow ammo it needs usually.

I then got blue and red ammo, handy, saying that I needed exactly that to put ammo in my empty guns. I then chased after her, and shot until I had no more ammo in my vector and my shotgun, the dream then morphed into real life, I was at my elementary school parking lot, seeing my target, my guns were switched out for a M416.

I shot at her, her health going down fast. She was at 8 health by the time she ducked behind a car, I then leaped a great difference over, leaning over to shoot at her, I missed and missed and missed, by the time I was almost where my body couldn’t reach her anymore, I shot her some, and the second she died, I was teleported to the starting area.

One of my irl friends had cardboard between their toes, we all crawled along with two other people too, one of them started to take the cardboard out from between the guys toes. The dream ends there.
Weird Dreams: 11/22/2020 20:15:55

Level 57
Last night I dreamed that I was shopping in a sports store for trophies but I couldn’t find a trophy with a ball on it

I wanted to peek around the corner for some reason

So I put on thick wooly black socks and hooked my feet around the corner of the wall

I guess I was trying to see with my feet or something?

Anyway I saw my aunt running a pastry stand in the middle of the store

So I wanted to buy a pastry but the line was very long

Then the scene shifted and I was sucking my own dick

And I woke up

Edited 11/22/2020 20:18:21
Weird Dreams: 11/29/2020 03:19:25

Level 57
So last night I dreamed my PE class from last year was lined up side to side and were doing a fitness test

Sort of like the beep test except it’s a strength test

A line of kids are standing in front of their line in order from shortest to tallest

Except the line of kids is shifted off to the side so only one PE student and the shortest kid are actually facing each other


Sort of like that ^ (dots are just spacers, the solid line on top is the line of PE students, the solid line on the bottom is the line of kids)

So the test begins and the PE student lifts up the kid he is facing and puts him down

Then the whole line of kids shift over so the shortest kid is in front of the second PE student and the second shortest kid is in front of the first PE student

PE student 1 picks up the second shortest kid, passing his second level of the test, while PE student 2 picks up the shortest kid, passing his first level of the test

Then the whole line of kids shifts over so the shortest kid is in front of the third PE student

The PE students 1 2 and 3 now have kids in front of them and lift them up at the same time, passing their third, second and first levels of the fitness test respectively

The line of kids keeps shifting over and people start failing and getting eliminated

I am not participating in the test, just watching the spectacle

At some point the scene shifts so I am in a skating rink with 30-odd kids from my middle school (I seem to dream about kids from my middle school more than kids at my current high school which I’ve been going to for 3 years now, very odd)

I’m trying to show off to all the girls how good I am at skating and at first I’m skating about as well as I do irl which is not bad

But at the dream goes on I lose more and more control, my skates suddenly don’t fit properly, but everyone is still having a good time and it doesn’t seem to matter

At some point during the skating I wake up

Edited 11/29/2020 03:21:51
Weird Dreams: 11/29/2020 16:10:01

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
I’m in a dream where my 6th grade Social Studies teacher points out some zombies, then I run away and get on a skateboard and start going down this mountain and when I get to the bottom I’m in a town in Kansas, I look for a hospital so I can tell the people there to work on a cure, I tell some people I know that there’s zombies, they don’t believe me and laugh at me, although they do point out a pair of pants with legs in them and bleeding, and that I have a small hole in my pants (near the kneecap) (they die later), I skateboard down the street looking frantically for a hospital, but I stumble into a restaurant, and I see some people and I know there may be zombies among us. I see someone that is fat af and then I ask them how they can still breathe, then they said “I just burp.” I then go into another area of the diner and I see my irl crush half turned into a zombie, I tell them that I love them and I search, this time a bit more frantically, for a hospital, I go to an area where there’s a person, they were too close so I shot them, it did nothing, then they ran and 3 human looking zombies chased after them, I shot all 3 and then they waited for the timer to cool off, I went to an area of a store with one of my friends and a giant seal comes on up and I shout their name and that there’s something behind them, and then they get sucked up into the seals nose, I run and then the dream shifts and there’s a shit ton of giant seals and they jump on large clumps in a large bag and they slide on out, one pack at a time, I then try and pinpoint a hospital and I accidentally fall into the ocean and then I wake up.
Weird Dreams: 11/29/2020 16:36:43

Level 57
Finally a worthy opponent

Our battle will be legendary
Weird Dreams: 11/29/2020 19:06:56

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
That was the weirdest dream I’ve had in months btw
Weird Dreams: 11/30/2020 16:14:45

Level 57
I dreamed I was on the street of my friend's house

except instead of houses there were massive shelves of junk food and stuff from the grocery store

and I was rollerblading down the street except I only had one rollerblade on one hand

so I was essentially parallel to the ground rollerblading on one hand

I remember his dad was mad at me but I don't remember why

at some point the scene changed and I was in school

we were learning about the old testament

My teacher was showing me how there is a word in one of the lines that says seventeen when read forwards and eleven when read backwards

I wanted to go to the bathroom but she said no

She let my friends go so I got mad and went anyway and she was yelling at me in the hallway to come back but I didn't

I don't remember actually going to the washroom but when I returned I tried to sneak back in by entering sandwiched between my friends but she noticed

Then the scene changed again and I was in a hot tub next to a few swimming pools volunteering at the soccer camp I used to go to

I was talking to them but I had to get out and chase one of the kids around the pools because he was trying to escape

Then one of the councillors started scolding me because I wasn't wearing a mask and there were tons of people everywhere

I took out a mask from my pocket that was red on the outside and white on the inside and tried to put it on

It kept slipping off my ear and shrivelling up and I couldn't get it on

Then a lifeguard started scolding me too

Then the scene changed and I was back to the rollerblading thing except I was rollerblading down a couple streets trying to navigate them back to the grocery lane

My friend was trying to do the rollerblading thing too but he couldn't do it properly

Then I woke up
Weird Dreams: 12/1/2020 15:22:19

Level 57
Last night I dreamed my friend was mad at me for using him to get better grades

I tried to convince him otherwise but he stayed mad

Then he threatened to punch me so I said sure go ahead, feeling very confident I could block it

I tried to block it but he punched underneath my block in the stomach

The scene shifty to me back in elementary school

I was bragging to my teacher about how I had already done all these classes and gotten amazing grades

My teacher kept telling me how handsome I was which was creeping me out in the dream

I went to go sit in class but when I tried to use my calculator one of my friends had screwed around with it so it was giving the wrong answers

I tried a number minus 17 (can't remember the number) and it gave me a long decimal number

So I unscrewed the calculator and a bunch of magnets fell out on my desk, more than could possibly fit in the calculator

Then the bell rang and I went to go get on the bus but everyone was sitting in alphabetical order for some reason

I went to go get off the bus on a street that wasn't mine and there was a snake on the street

I ran down the street and tried to run past the snake but it chased after me with insane speed

It wasn't slithering, it was sort of bouncing along using its tail as a spring

I was suddenly holding a heavy pan and I swung it as the snake but it landed inside the frying pan

Then I woke up
Weird Dreams: 12/2/2020 04:52:28

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prinz von Preußen
Level 56
It's funny how I find this thread right after two weird dreams back to back (two different nights), but I sadly forgot both of them. All I remember is that they were freakishly detailed and weird, and both ended when I woke up.
Weird Dreams: 12/2/2020 15:25:46

Level 57
(lol georg I am just using this thread as an informal dream journal, usually I write my dreams down in here a few hours after I wake up, but even then most of the details are fuzzy)

last night I dreamed I snuck a girl into my house

we wanted to make out and I think we did a little but every room we went into my dad was there

a lot of the dream was just us running from room to room trying to find an empty one to make out in but my dad was always there

at some point the scene shifted and I was at a party

a bunch of my friends were sitting around a table and someone dumped a big pile of candy on it

I gathered a bunch of candy to my seat and also dived on top of the pile to secure the cookies and cream hershey bar

then when I wasn't looking everyone started taking my candy and I tried to stop them but couldn't

I went to leave the party and was waiting in a line of people who also wanted to leave

I think I beat up one of the kids who took my candy but I don't remember much

at some point I went back into the room and my friends were playing tabletop football with my gushers

I played and beat them and won back my gushers

then I woke up
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