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The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 12:11:44

Level 62
This is a forum made for pople who want to know what went on in the 'there is no spoon' game.
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:13:34

Level 62
[j.E.b] yes

[Blu3_Skittl3s] dont invite me to this trash there is no spoon [Blu3_Skittl3s] no spoon, no cool

[King Samarand]the spoon is behind jeb [King Samarand] he hiding it

[Bushmaster] Yes [Bushmaster] I hate spoons [Bushmaster] The worst utensil

[j.E.b] i hab the spoon hidden

[Loxiiv] I hate spoons cause they hurt more on the way out than on the way into my butthole

[King Samarand] how can you have spoon straws without spoons though

[Loxiiv] aren't sporks fork spoons

[King Samarand] fork spoons are spoons on one side and fork on the other [King Samarand] spork is a species of pigeon
[Epicnata] its all about a fork and knife, no spoon needed

[King Samarand] But there's no cork...? [King Samarand] Oh it's on the floor I see it now

[Zafro] Where is the spoon?! This is an outrage

[King Samarand] it's behind jeb- wait theres no spoon I didn't say nuthin'

[Zafro] Detain Jeb at once for questioning. This might be our only chance of recapturing the spoon!

[pigsaredumb] I side with Jeb youll never take him alive!

[King Samarand] Yeah! Detain Zafro for trying to take the spoon for himself!

[pigsaredumb] is a thief he cares not for the safety of the party, he is trying to dethrone his biggest rival Jeb by throwing him in the slammer.

[Zafro] Blasted! I fell for the trap. Take the spoon and cast it into the sea! Its appeal is too dangerous for this mortal world

[pigsaredumb] Watch him, his greed overwhelming him he knows he can not claim the spoon for himself so he wants to destroy it, how petty.

[King Samarand] Shameful. Too bad he is the only mortal among us.

[Hodop] Did I miss something? [Hodop] I [Hodop] have the spoon.

[King Samarand] No you don't [King Samarand] That's a tiny shovel


[jedi trix] ln i spooned & felt what it was like to be cutlery

[pronunciationphreak] where'd the spoon go

[Zafro]Hodop the impostor! I may have unintentionally exposed my greed, but my judgment is still clear and that Hodop fellow holds a useless fork

[King Samarand] Tiny shovel, forks have prongs. So do tiny rakes

[jedi trix] Tiny shovels & pitchforks. If the Burrowers farmed, they'd burrow ya silverware

[pronunciationphreak] WHO IS IN POSSESSION OF THE SPOON.

[King Samarand Jeb has i- wait no, there is no spoon

[pronunciationphreak Maybe it was consumed into the fork?[pronunciationphreak] To create a spork?

[King Samarand] But a spork is a species of pigeon

[pronunciationphreak] NOT IN THIS UNIVERSE!

[pigsaredumb] Hmmm, possibly, after all there is no spoon, we must awaken brotherin the spoon will no longer pit us against each other making us go mad, if we stand together as one we shall awaken and no amount of straightjackets can stop us! AHHHHHHHH!

[pronunciationphreak] Cult of the Spoon?

[pigsaredumb] Indeed, the government has taken away the spoons we will not stand for for this. DEATH TO THE SPOON TAKERS!


[King Samarand] But there is no spoon [King Samarand] Not now [King Samarand] Not ever [King Samarand] All the gods and all-powerful beings of the universe won't allow it [King Samarand] excet for Forkus Sporkus the God of Spoons [King Samarand] who is a pigeon that can kill all the other gods with a giant all-powerful spoon
but it's just a pigeon so it can't even carry it

[pronunciationphreak] This is a lie. How would there be the idea of the spoon if there is no such thing as a spoon?

[pigsaredumb] SPY! Only one that knows where the spoon is would deny its existence now you will lead us to the spoon or you will burn!

[King Samarand] *gulp* [King Samarand] I WIELD THE SPOON FORK [King Samarand]One side is a spoon
One side is a fork The ultimate weapon

[pigsaredumb] I wield the shotgun... one part bullet one part Merica

[King Samarand] How will I lead you to the spoon if you shoot me?

[Hodop] Simple, we read your mind. [Hodop] Then put a bullet in it.

[pigsaredumb]Or 10

[Hodop] Nah, we don't need to overkill him. [Hodop] Just kill over him [Hodop] DEATH TO FORKISTS! [Hodop] long live the Spoon!

[pigsaredumb] I elect Hodop as our divine leader he shares many of our strong beliefs and is aperfect role model for us all

[Hodop] May the spoon bless us all.

[pigsaredumb] Indeed

[Hodop] Who here hath taken the spoon from its holy temple!? [Hodop] I vote Jeb [Hodop]~Jeb was Ejected

~One impostor remains...

[King Samarand] Yes! Jeb is now safe! [King Samarand] The spoon is safe with jeb now... somewhere in space

[Hodop] Nah, there were 3 impostors. [Hodop] One took the spoon [Hodop] The other covered his tracks

[King Samarand] The bullets in my brain have melded into my mind

[Hodop] And the third self reported.

[King Samarand] Now my skin is becoming gray and hard

[Hodop] Well, just reported.

[King Samarand] I am the human bullet

[Hodop] We did not even shoot you yet.

[King Samarand] So I took a bath in holy spoon water. [King Samarand] and i'm better now


[King Samarand] That's holy tiny shovel water

[Hodop] You could not have bathed in it!

[King Samarand]it's not spoon water

[Hodop] I have been elected as the Holy Leader.

[King Samarand] you can't make holy spoon water without the spoon [King Samarand]and
there is no spoon

[Hodop]So YOU took the holy spoon! [Hodop] VOTE KING SAMARAND! [Hodop]~King Samarand was ejected.....

~One Impostor Remains...

[King Samarand] yes me and jeb- time to make our getaway

[Hodop]Oh no... it wasn't him!

[King Samarand] *takes jetpack out of backpack* [King Samarand] LETS GO

[Hodop] *I stole the fuel [Hodop] And made it into a second spoon [Hodop] This shall be our temporary replacement.

[King Samarand] •Flying a jetpack with jeb through space dooh dah dooh dah• [King Samarand] too bad
its spoon powered not fuel powered

[Hodop]When we find the spoon, it shall be placed upon its holy place. [Hodop] Well, I know who took the spoon.

[King Samarand] there is no spoon- in your spacehsip [King Samarand]MAUHAHAH

[Hodop] Well, you don't have it either. [Hodop] Because [Hodop] I HAVE THE SPOON

[King Samarand] no
it's still behind jeb

[Hodop] And have placed it upon its pedestal

[King Samarand] stop waving around that ugly tiny shovel

[Hodop]That is the fuel replacement. [Hodop] Disgusting.

[King Samarand] just because you call a tiny shovel a spoon doesn't mean it's a spoon

like if the pope calls some random guy Jesus it's not automatically Jesus [King Samarand] dum dum [King Samarand] another example
if kim jong un calls a bomb a nuke doesn't automatically make it a nuke

[pigsaredumb] Ok screw it everyone is corrupt we clearly can not handle the power of the spoon

[pigsaredumb] 1Everyone was ejected, nobosy remains [pigsaredumb] nobody*

[jedi trix]6~Anybody that's somebody was ejected...
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:14:05

Level 62
~nobodies remain... [jedi trix]Jeb, cast the spoon into the Sun before it's too late!

King Samarand] why the sun? [King Samarand] the only thing powerful enough to destroy it is the... the.... uh oh... THE SLOTTED SPOON

[pronunciationphreak] ...Or just use the sun

[King Samarand] but the spoon will remain
in the core of the sun [King Samarand]the immense power of spoon [King Samarand] MAKE THE SUN EXPLODE

[pronunciationphreak] Acceptable.

[King Samarand] ok [King Samarand]JEB [King Samarand] you know what must be done

[jedi trix]


[King Samarand] It makes it worse when you remember that the "it" in question is the sun, not the spoon

[Bushmaster] Worse?

[no] sorry I'm late Im here for the spoon

[Loxiiv] super serious super good axis Vs allies

[EthanFijoria] smh

[Hodop] As our religious leader, I would like to control my bonus. [Hodop] Also, I predict that even the slotted spoon will be unable to destroy the spoon. The slotted spoon has been in disuse for many millennia, and I believe that a forkist may have used dark fork magic to corrode it. It has the aura of a spoof. (Spoon - Fork - Knife)

I clam Region of Arica-Parinacota

[Hodop] I would say that because you are not actually there, you should not lay claim to it. [Hodop]r rather, lay clam to it.

[King Samarand]
I claim Puente Alto San Bernardo

{Interjection from me, that was the territory I had}

[Hodop]Funny. [Hodop]
I claim Pichilemu.
[Hodop]Kill the Ejected infidel!

[King Samarand]good thing it's a 2v1[King Samarand]
the other ejected is Rancagua
[King Samarand] muahauahah

[Hodop]1Well, actually it is all of the crewmates v 2 ejected. [Hodop] And I had one of them steal the spoon from behind jeb.

[King Samarand] jeb already cast it into the sun [King Samarand] that's a slotted spoon with no slots, obviously [King Samarand] the sun exploded and Chile put sunglasses over their whole country; that's why we are here

[Napoleón Bonaparte]only fork [Napoleón Bonaparte] look at all these well dressed ppl in Argentina [Napoleón Bonaparte] where did u get those sungalsses

[jedi trix] I claim the sunburnt remnants of Bolivia [jedi trix] After almuerzo I'll take a siesta & when I wake up, you better believe Bolivia's gonna be piggy pink

[King Samarand] nice

[Charles Scott]Not sure why I'm here but here we go

[no]This looks beautiful who conceived this [no]
https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=24078153 ffa
[no] of all of you I'm surrounded by the most people, dead center

[Loxiiv] I claim Sri Lanka

[King Samarand] poor Sri Lankans [King Samarand]they have to live under Chilean Tyranny

[Zafro] I heard a rumor that the spoon is in Porvenir

[King Samarand] that's where it went after the sun exploded? [King Samarand] The owner of that territory is a well-known Forkist

[jedi trix] A spoonful of honey makes or breaks nations. A forkful of pork is raw, unadulterated blasphemy! [jedi trix] pigsaredumb is spreading hershey heresy down south like a chocolate brazilian wax

[j.E.b] HA [j.E.b] the spoon gives me the power to not die

[jedi trix] spoon feeding us bs won't save you j.e.b. [jedi trix] Gimme the spoon or I - I'll ... wank off in your grandmother's doily!

[King Samarand] interesting threat that is

[Loxiiv] Jeb sus ngl

[Bushmaster] Idk, Jeb kinda sus though

[Hodop] Vote off j.e.b.

[Hodop] 8~j.e.b. was ejected again.....

~One impostoe still remains

[Hodop]*Imporsor [Hodop]*Impostor

[j.E.b] lol [j.E.b] My gandmas doily in at the bottom of the ocean [j.E.b] I hope salt water in your pussy feels good

[Hodop] What is a doily? [Hodop]Also, you forgot the apostrophe after grandma.

[King Samarand]too bad he has more than one grandma unlike you [King Samarand] that's some extreme incest there

[Hodop]I have two living grandmothers, what are you talking about?

this is a doily http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTNQ6rMypdzUC8X45iDd8l7hoiwzYyBMbv3HqNqloFBj9DySxK0InKV00xSZbUjkWqwSs8fU3qNH1fsZ2emW1o

Hodop] Then why in the world would anyone care if you took it? Everyone knows that grandmas don't bake! ;)

[no] I ask my surrounding commanders to not attack me, but instead [no]
I propose the fellowship of the spoon, and we immediately March on Porvenir
[no] "There was one spoon to rule them all"

[EthanFijoria]The Republic of Cochrane declares knife

[Hodop]Death to the Republic of Cochrane.

[EthanFijoria]No u.

[King Samarand] I pledge my loyalty to the Spoonkeeper, the great jeb [King Samarand] all Spoon Cultists and those of the Fellowship of the Spoon that hails jeb as Spoonkeeper will be considered friends in my book

[Hodop] Are you not the ones who stole the spoon from the holy city of Spoondom?[Hodop]How can you speak as though you are in the right? [Hodop] You deprived millions of the spoon's blessing, causing many more to die or adopt bad lifestyles.

[King Samarand] that was not the spoon [King Samarand] jeb was given it by the Henko Corporation, which has had it since the universe was created [King Samarand] YOU are the one who stole the Spoon Replica from Spoondom, which was such a good replica it has some of the powers

[EthanFijoria] i only go knife cuz i dont own spoons [EthanFijoria] baptize me spoon and ill become spoonist

[pronunciationphreak] Here king, you dropped this. (Hands over a spoon)

[EthanFijoria] :O [EthanFijoria] *becomes spoonist* [EthanFijoria2] guys can we just turn this into spoon roleplay pls :(((

[King Samarand] This is just one of the tiny shovels

[j.E.b] *holy music plays*

[Hodop] Tiny shovels are pointed... [Hodop] You are the liar, this spoon is round! [Hodop] The spoon that I have is naught but one of our gift shop toys.


[Hodop] Although, I have since gained enlightenment since j.e.b. stole the spoon. [Hodop] I now see that the spoon has a hidden meaning that you are all too simple to understand.

[King Samarand] Not all tiny shovels are pointed [King Samarand] Just the ones made for gardens [King Samarand] And you see the spoon has a hidden meaning, but you are also too simple to understand it

[Hodop] No, the spoon has entered its corporeal essence into my brain.

[EthanFijoria] The Spoon is divided, and I am now in the legion of Esponia
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:14:30

Level 62
[Hodop]Why, exactly?

[King Samarand2] Destroy this false prophet [King Samarand]
down with Puente Alto San Bernardo

[EthanFijoria] because yes

[Loxiiv] idk I need people for my crappy game

[EthanFijoria] most peopleple here alrdyea joined inculding me

[jedi trix] filet me like one of your french girls

[EthanFijoria] whats a french girl

[King Samarand] filet a fish

[EthanFijoria] no

[Loxiiv] only 10 are in so far but yeah

[EthanFijoria] oh

Kill this false prophet, Pichilemu .

[King Samarand] 4When did I ever say I had the spoon in my head?

[Hodop] Head? [Hodop] I said that its spirit has entered my mind to give me divine revelation.

[King Samarand]same thing [King Samarand] unless your mind is in your foot [King Samarand]then we can smak your achilles heel and you down down down

[Hodop] I don’t like your trash talk. [Hodop] You are an uncultured being, and thus have no right to be a leader of any kind. I vote you die.

[King Samarand] When did I try to be a leader? You are the one claiming divinity, I simply announce I follow the Great Spoonkeeper Jeb [King Samarand] And now who's trashtalking, eh? If you truly have a Spoon in you you must be extraordinarily good, you must have absorbed the Slotted Spoon With No Slots instead if your story is indeed true- a spoon of evil

{Interjection: This is where the real RP starts.}
[Hodop] Maybe you're right, maybe I have aaccidentally absorbed the slotted spoon with no slots. [Hodop] Maybe it has corroded my mind. [Hodop] *My eyes begin to glow red, and I begin levitating* [Hodop] The slotted spoon with no slots has chosen its host, it will begin cleansing phase of the Spoon dynastium. [Hodop] Surrender to the slotted spoon with no slots, else you will end up like the previous spoon keeper. [Hodop] *My hand begins to glow red, and a sphere forms above it. It begins to rise and it ascends into the clouds. [Hodop] the sky goes red. [Hodop]*in zelda's voice* the blood moon rises, once again...

[King Samarand] uh oh shoot SPOONKEEPER! RUNNNNN [ THE PROPHECY HAS COME TRUE "One day the spoon be throw into sun
Big boom boom happen
Sunglasses save day of long
Bad spoon come into brain brain of somebody
They become all powerful, strong enough to BREAK THE SPOON" [King Samarand]
we must get to the spoon before the corrupted one does! Porvenir

[Hodop]*in distorted evil voice* You who harbor the spoon Know that your time has come. Surrender to the slotted spoon with no slots. You cannot run nor hide. I am coming for you.

[King Samarand] AaaHhhAhghghh

[Hodop] Any who protect you will be silenced. *I slice through Samarand with a wave of my hand* Let him be an example

[King Samarand] *falls on floor, sliced in half*...spoon... water... help me...

[Hodop] (I love this)

[King Samarand] *dies*

[Hodop](So fun)


[Hodop] Oh no!

[King Samarand] ba kwakkk

[Hodop] *I hover away from you* [Hodop] The chicken has returned.

[King Samarand] My greatgreatgreatgreatgreat grandchicken, Quacker McChickenNugget was the one that slotted the Spoon With No Slots, making the evil spoon the much weaker Slotted Spoon With No Slots

[Hodop] Okay, gtg

[King Samarand} (cya)


[Hodop] Aaaaaannnnddd I am back! [Hodop] *in the spoon voice* Bakka Bakka, while you may have beaten me in the past, I have something I never had during our battles.

[Hodop]I have.... *intense music* an egg! *dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnn!* *I smash the egg on the floor, and from its liquids emerge many silverware minions emerge, and begin to charge toward bakka bakka.


[King Samarand] BA KWAAKKK What black magic is this!?!? [King Samarand] SPOONMAN run!!!!! [King Samarand] *lightsabers some minons* they are too many and too strong!!

[Hodop] *As j.e.b. Runs, the summoned silverware begin to grow in size, and chase him, while the slotted spoon with no slots fights an epic battle with bakka bakka .[Hodop] The battle rages on and the land becomes uprooted. [Hodop] The red sky darkens, and the blood moon vanishes. [Hodop] *The slotted spoon with no slots says: What? What happened? [Hodop] The blood moon is gone! Nothing can vanish the blood moon... Except... oh no! It’s the tiny four pronged sword! Bakka Bakka, we must cease our battle for now, for only our combined forces can defeat a monster of this magnitude.

[Hodop] *The slotted spoon with no slots ejects itself from my mind and turns it’s minions to fight the tiny four pronged sword *Me* Aaaauuugggghhhhh! *confused* what, what just happened? *the spoon knocks me out.*It extends a metaphysical hand toward Bakka Bakka, and says: time we stopped this madness.

[King Samarand] Spoon, do we attack the Slotted Spoon With No Slots or the Tiny Four-Pronged Sword? *lightsaber becomes Spoonsaber*

[Hodop]5(It wasn’t always a spoon saber?)*The tiny four pronged sword begins to summon an undead forkist and knifist army complete with forks and knives.*
*The slotted spoon with no slots manages to keep them from reviving, but the tiny one pronged sword begins to shoot evil beams toward the slotted spoon with no slots. *The slotted spoon with no slots*
Bakka Bakka, if you don’t act now, the realm is lost!
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:15:32

Level 62
[EthanFijoria] Esponia was the right option


[EthanFijoria] The Republic of Cochrane renames to Espon-Cochrane

[Hodop] Or you could just go with no Name, because you will definitely keep changing it.

[EthanFijoria] yes ill definitely change it every 2 seconds

[King Samarand] Bakka Bakka looks toward the Tiny Four-Pronged Sword and to the Slotted Spoon With No Slots
"The enemy of my enemy who is also my enemy is definitely not a friend!"
Bakka Bakka tensed his wings and crouched, it was time to do what no chicken has done before.
"BA KWAAAKKKKKKK" - a battle cry, burst from his beak, flapping his wings once, twice, infinite times, jumping forward with the Spoonsaber in his talons, his wings finally catching the air- and flight! The power of the Spoon coursing through his veins, his wings moved like a chicken's never would, and flew right up to the Tiny Four-Pronged Sword. Distracted by the Slotted Spoon With No Slots and definitely not expecting a flying enemy, the 'Sword didn't realize until it was too late. "BA-BA-BAKKKKKK" screamed Bakka Bakka, driving the Spoonsaber into his enemy, the immense power of the 'Sword resisting the 'saber, the full power of the Spoon having left its home in the loving arms of jeb and bursting the 'saber's power to one greater than the 'sword, causing the 'Sword to get smakked in half.

"King Samarand"
Whatever energy left in the Tiny Four-Pronged Sword coursed outward in an enormous explosion in Region Metropolitana, demolishing most of the area. The Spoon was able to protect the dazed Bakka Bakka and Jeb until the heat passed. The Slotted Spoon With No Slots was hovering over Hodop and his followers, and scattered Forkists and Knifists were running amuck, most of them destroyed or dying, attempting to regroup in Region of Valparaíso

"King Samarand"
As the Slotted Spoon With No Slot's original malice returned so soon after the destruction of the threat, it looking toward the True Spoonists of Region of El Libertador General Bernardo O'Hiigins, Bakka Bakka awoke and dizzy, led Jeb south toward the Spoon's real body, hidden away in Porvenir

We wish to expand our influence in Region Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo by making them join the Esponian Legion, no land grabs or anything. We are a side-spoon branch.

[King Samarand]
But their first goal was to reach Espon- Cochrane, reported to be True Spoonists and might be able to save the Spoon's temporary tiny shovel body, which had almost been destroyed from the power moving out of it.

[Hodop] Lol.
When Hodop awakened from the explosion he saw the slotted spoon with no slots and laughed. [Hodop] “It was you? This whole time?” He drew a shovel from his shovel sheath and hit it against the slotted spoon. The slotted spoon with no slots soon shattered, revealing the Wizard Of Oz. [Hodop speaking] “I told you not to mess with Spoonly affairs.” [Oz] “Yes, but I wanted to have some fun after being cooped up for so long.” Hodop hit him on the head with his shovel and the Wizard of Oz poofed back to his home.

[King Samarand] Woah

[Hodop] Hodop then journeyed to the spoon, and when he arrived, gave it the holy spoon water with which the Wizard of Oz made the slotted spoon with no slots. With The spoon revitalized, it set about restoring the land. King Samarand went down as a holy Martyr and Hodop requested that Samarand’s son be made the next spoonkeeper. (What happens next?)

[King Samarand]
After Wizard of Oz boofed away, the clouds started to rumble as rainbows shot down out of them, mini tornadoes soon shooting down them. It was the army of the Emerald City! The Wizard of Oz, wearing the magic slippers, flew ahead, killed Loxiiv because he is green, and took over Coihaique and established the Emerald City on Earth! "And you shall never save the Spoon!" he announced by sending blimps with the words to the north.
[King Samarand] oof, nvm them i didnt see that message *messages gahh

[Hodop] So that did not happen?

[King Samarand] wait it might fit in

[Hodop] Okay, edit it as necessary. Just so everyone reading this knows, IRL I believe none of this, this is just RP.

[King Samarand]
The Emerald City was created, you gained their grace again, crossed Argentina to Porvenir, took the Spoon's original body, the Wizard created the real Slotted Spoon With No Slots, then Hodop stole Samarand's corpse
[King Samarand] And Samarand's son was also stolen and converted to Emeraldism

[Hodop] What? I did not! Gtg

[King Samarand]
Bakka Bakka and Jeb are hiding in Region of El Libertador General Bernardo O'Hiigins, the Emerald City blocking their path to Esponia, and the True Spoon quickly losing power because it lost its body
[King Samarand] k g'bye. but the Slotted Spoon With No Slots, due to having the Spoon's body, is good, but bad within, so thus you believe you are following a good Spoon cuz there really isn't any evidence otherwise

[pronunciationphreak] 69 new messages, nice

[King Samarand]nice

[Jacob the Restless] naaice

The influence of the Esponian League has grown in the Region Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo region.
Coihaique becomes a former Esponian member.

[no]my name is in the title guys. im famoussss!!!!


[King Samarand] woahwoah

[EthanFijoria] Us Esponians desire peace and unity, as that satisfies both the spoon and the lower branches. PM me to join nOW

[EthanFijoria] Cochrane, the capital of Espo-Cochrane, becomes a HUGE Spoon site for the league of Esponia and all Spoonists. So does Valle Chacabuco and Lago Vargas, as we are planning to also build big spoons there. As I am the main Religious site builder, I am in no control of these countries. I only build the PPs. oops I meant spoons. whats a PP again?

The Esponian influence reaches Porvenir and they join the league (flushed)

Hodop, upon seeing the power and majesty of the Estonian league, joins them and plots with them on how to bring the emerald city down, as it is causing all of the land to suffer. After a few weeks of this go by, Hodop returns to his home province of Puente Alto San Bernardo. He looks into his backyard and sees Samarand’s grave. He weeps inside as he sees how foolish he was and how right Samarand was. He promises to find Samarand’s son and tell him of his great father.

[Blu3_Skittl3s] Wtf i was the only one eliminated

[Hodop] Did you attack? If so, it is to be expected.

[EthanFijoria] We are happy to have Hodop on our side. Welcome

[Hodop] Thank you. So, are we attacking the emerald city?

[King Samarand] Bakka Bakka is glad to see that Hodop has joined the Spoonists and Esponians against the Wizard of Oz

[EthanFijoria]I guess we are. I didn't expect it to be NOW though. We need prepar, so it will be cleaner and more Spoon.

[Hodop] Well, I will get to work on finding Samarand's son, I feel that he will be a key player in this attack.

[no] I take the esteemed leader of Libya as my vassal, if you touch him you're an enemy of the fellowship and will die.
Also join my Diplo

When Hodop had found Samarand's son after months of searching for him, he found him. He informed him of Samarand's sarifice and brought him to the HQ in Region of Magallanes, and is debriefing him on what he must do. Then Emeraldian agents enter and attempt to rush the Esponian league. He tells Samarand's son (Please name him, Samarand, so I can shorten my texts.) and the rest of the Esponian HQ members, to run to Bakka Bakka. Hodop takes the spoon saber which he had inherited from his secret inventory and activates it. He valiantly fights them off, but one of them carries an unholy forkist scroll and curses Hodop, sending him to Fork Hell. He holds the spoon saber tight as he is dragged into the fork underworld, no one has heard from him since.


[Hodop]Nah, keep it up!

[Loxiiv]A U G U S T O P I N O C H E T

[Hodop]Wha tis that?

[King Samarand] a great name for my son
Now we shall all call you Loxi

[Hodop]His name is Loxi?

[King Samarand]Whose name

[Hodop]Your hypothetical son in this RP game.

[King Samarand] Augusto Pinochet

[Hodop] Okay, then...

[King Samarand]I have no idea why Loxi said it but it sounds cool

[Hodop]While I was being dragged down into the forkist underworld I called out "Remember what your father has done for this land! When the Forkists bring to you horrible news and falsehood, stay upon the right pathhhh!!!!" Then the portal closed.
If anyone wants a story of my Underworld life, I will PM it too you.

[King Samarand]Bakka Bakka is surprised by the attack on Esponian HQ and welcomes Augusto, the Esponians, and Hodop's great great grandmother (I get a son you get a great great grandmother) into the secret bunker in Argentina. "Chile ain't safe no more" grumbled Bakka Bakka. "The Knifists have left for Easter Island, but the Emerald City, Slotted Spoon With No Slotians, the Forkists, the tiny Four-Pronged Sword Cultists, extreme tiny Shovelists, Swedes, and Underworld Worshippers have forged an alliance... The Anti-Spoon Horribility"

[thanFijorian] Utensility is dying

[Napoleón Bonaparte]

[EthanFijoria]ok what the fuck
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:16:20

Level 62

[Hodop] Hey, you know what? Hodop curses you from the underworld.

[EthanFijoria] :O
The Esponian League declares the royal Spoondom. As the whole Spoon is very corrupt, unsafe, and unstable, we finally declare Spoon. We are from the South Chile. We be Spoon. We have acquired 5 religious spoon sites in our nation alone: The meta spoon of Cochrane, the underground Spoon city of Valle Chacabuco, the watermelon spoon of Puerto Guadal, the floating spoon of Lago Vargas, and the gay spoon of Tortel. We are trying to do the South Spoon in Porvenir. Hope it goes well.
And in the memorial of Hodop, we have sent secret construction workers in Puente Alto San Bernardo to create the Hodop spoon. And in Coihaique, the choco spoon in Coihaique.
PM me to join the glorious Esponian league.

[Hodop] A great earthquake shake the land... A great Typhoon ravages the water...
When the two collide, a Hurricanal Tsunami Spoon was born. The spoon descended into the ocean, glimmering miles of the coast of Pichilemu, calling to Bakka Bakka.
What will he do?

[King Samarand]Bakka Bakka looks to the ocean, and behind him to the Spoonkeeper

[Hodop](And the forkists hiding in the bushes)And then...

[King Samarand]He bawks to the remaining Spoonists to protect the Spoonkeeper, and jumps on a yacht to get to the Hurricanal Tsunami Spoon

[EthanFijoria]The Esponian league gasps.
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:17:25

Level 62
So, I haven't fine-tuned the rest of it, but here it is!

[Hodop]The forkists hiding in the bushes. They stirr.They begin encantations. Once Bakka Bakka is out of range, the attack. It begins... Forks rain from the sky, demonic & demented spoons lunge from the underworld, and the Fork King himself charges onward. They capture each spoon induvidually, and then the spoonkeeper. Bakka Bakka is rendered helpless as the barrier they put up holds him back... Hurricanal Tsunami Spoon calls once again to Bakka Bakka. He knows this is the spot.zop2020/10/08 13:06:32He dives into the water, swimming down, our of sight.Hodop2020/10/08 13:06:36....Hodop2020/10/08 13:06:38,,,,Hodop2020/10/08 13:06:46He doesn't resurface...Hodop2020/10/08 13:06:47...Hodop2020/10/08 13:06:48...Hodop2020/10/08 13:06:49...Hodop2020/10/08 13:07:11The forkists leave with j.e.b. and the remaining spoons.Hodop2020/10/08 13:09:33The waves settle.Hodop2020/10/08 13:09:39But wait!Hodop2020/10/08 13:09:48There's a stir in the water!Hodop2020/10/08 13:09:58It begins sitirring more!Hodop2020/10/08 13:10:39Bakka Bakka emerges with the Hurricanal Tsunami Spoonsaber and rushes to find where j.e.b. has been taken.Hodop2020/10/08 13:12:00He charges into the Forkist stronghold and utterly defeats all of them with the Hurricanal Tsunami Spoonsaber and returns j.e.b. and the remining spoons to the Esponian HQ.Hodop2020/10/08 13:12:47He leaves the Hurricanal Tsunami Spoonsaber with them, and dives again into the ocean, he now has Water breathing, to resolve something...Hodop2020/10/08 13:13:19[PM for what he does next, it ties into Samarand & Hodop's Underworld stay...]Hodop2020/10/08 13:15:23Augusto Pinochet has now come of age, and Masters the Hurricanal Tsunami Spoonsaber with a skill unparalleled to any previous Saberer.Hodop2020/10/08 13:16:20Then the Unholy allaince of Emerald City, Slotted Spoon With No Slotians, the Forkists, the tiny Four-Pronged Sword Cultists, extreme tiny Shovelists, Swedes, and Underworld Worshippers gains the upperhand.Hodop2020/10/08 13:16:54
Rancagua is the evil descendant of Furky, the first Forky.
Hodop2020/10/08 13:17:01*forkHodop2020/10/08 13:17:20Which means he can wield the unholy fork of destruction.Hodop2020/10/08 13:17:32The two are of a similar age, and equal in skill.Hodop2020/10/08 13:17:59Without Bakka Bakka, the Unholy Alliance looks like it will win.Hodop2020/10/08 13:19:28With the land already destroyed, calling upon the Spoons of Olde is completely impossible.Hodop2020/10/08 13:19:38All we can do is hope...Bushmaster2020/10/08 14:13:13
Castro is the island of the Spork, and a free place for all
Hodop2020/10/08 15:06:21Death to those who would harbor such horrible ideals! Have you not seen the destruction the Forkists have rained upon us all? The land of Esponia can no longer support more than 1/200 of what it could before they arrived!EthanFijoria2020/10/08 16:12:18We don't mind the Sporkists, as they only desire peace.EthanFijoria2020/10/08 16:12:41
Illapel has become an Esponian League member.
EthanFijoria2020/10/08 16:13:33also jk sporks suckEthanFijoria2020/10/08 16:13:46smh do you really think I would allow sporkists >:(((EthanFijoria2020/10/08 16:14:03you all caused trouble... We almost have gone extinct because of you Sporkists...King Samarand2020/10/08 18:28:31(woah)Hodop2020/10/08 19:08:50(Woah what?)Hodop2020/10/08 19:09:07(My RP or his statement about Sporkism)Bushmaster2020/10/08 19:21:41We have caused no grief. We try to deradicalize both the Forkists and Spoonists of our nation.Bushmaster2020/10/08 19:21:58The Knifists, however, fuck emHodop2020/10/08 19:22:50LolEthanFijoria2020/10/08 19:42:18HmmmmmmEthanFijoria2020/10/08 19:42:32HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEthanFijoria2020/10/08 19:43:25The Sporkist nations of the past have tried, but I don't think it would work.EthanFijoria2020/10/08 19:43:40But, okay. If you don't touch us at all.King Samarand2020/10/08 21:38:33(the rp, that's alot)EthanFijoria2020/10/08 21:43:25(yesHodop2020/10/08 23:40:09(Amazing, isn't it?)Hodop2020/10/08 23:40:43Mainly between Samarand and myself.Jacob the Restless2020/10/08 23:47:49silverware is for pansiesHodop2020/10/08 23:49:17says the one who is restless.Hodop2020/10/08 23:49:36You can't sleep at night knowing that the silverware is after you.Hodop2020/10/08 23:49:54(The silverware is a being.)Jacob the Restless2020/10/08 23:50:39you are all slaves to petty utensilsKing Samarand2020/10/08 23:52:03thats why the spoon is TitaniumwareJacob the Restless2020/10/08 23:52:31well that changes everything!Hodop2020/10/08 23:56:10lolj.E.b2020/10/09 0:50:31Arent you cursed since your in the underworld?EthanFijoria2020/10/09 1:04:41
rip Porvenir
Hodop2020/10/09 2:22:29You are late, and yes, that is exactly what happened.Hodop2020/10/09 2:22:52j.E.b, if you want the rest of the story, PM me.Hodop2020/10/09 2:23:46(Please, I feel the urge to write, and don't want to over-expand on the overworld like how many episodes The Walking Dead has made.)EthanFijoria2020/10/09 15:48:47lmaoEthanFijoria2020/10/09 15:48:55spoon bible whereEthanFijoria2020/10/09 15:49:08
Also, Chile Chico joins the Esponian Leagion.
EthanFijoria2020/10/09 15:49:23
The Region Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region is now unified, under a single Alliance.
Colecamer2020/10/10 1:34:25how will this ever endEthanFijoria2020/10/10 1:38:51umm this is rpEthanFijoria2020/10/10 1:38:54what do you expectEthanFijoria2020/10/10 1:38:55spoonNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/10 4:16:18oohhhhhhhhhhpronunciationphreak2020/10/10 4:43:58I am starting to regret becoming a spoonist.pronunciationphreak2020/10/10 4:44:04It is a chaotic religion.King Samarand2020/10/10 4:46:14nuh uhNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/10 13:20:13SHAKA LAKA MOTHA FUCKA DRINKIN ON A LOTTA VODKANapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/10 13:23:17DAT DAT DAT DATNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/10 13:25:58DAT DAT DA DAD DA DAT DA DA ADAEthanFijoria2020/10/10 15:29:37That's why the Esponian League existKing Samarand2020/10/10 20:20:26ahahaj.E.b2020/10/11 3:34:19brej.E.b2020/10/11 3:34:21brehTurn 5View in HistoryHodop2020/10/11 12:55:05Whet? Whet?EthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:07:07UNACCEPTABLE!EthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:07:28
You can take the lands, but please not Porvenir.... I'm begging
EthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:07:32or elseEthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:07:39im angweeEthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:08:03Only an Esponian League member can take itEthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:08:14oh wait ll of them on the South are dEthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:08:18deadEthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:08:40He's never chatted so...EthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:09:31
I officially declare war on Puerto Natales for trying to take Porvenir!

Reasons: Porvenir was an ally :C also yes the bonus would put as at a disadvantage lo
EthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:09:42Sorry Hodop, we didn't have any close allies to youEthanFijoria2020/10/11 16:09:49may you rest in peaceHodop2020/10/11 19:40:17Well, he is currently a Mercreature. Specifically, a Leviathan.EthanFijoria2020/10/11 22:54:15...Hodop2020/10/11 23:24:31You want to know how that ties into the underworld?Hodop2020/10/11 23:24:35PM me.Napoleón Bonaparte2020/10/12 10:22:35
i claim Region of El Maule
Napoleón Bonaparte2020/10/12 14:38:38
augusto pinochet declares Linaresand Pichilemucommunist states
King Samarand2020/10/12 17:16:23thxHodop2020/10/12 17:39:24lolHodop2020/10/12 17:39:49I need to know the difference between communism and capitalism.King Samarand2020/10/12 18:10:39communism means your state is stable and everybody hates you for itKing Samarand2020/10/12 18:11:22capitalism means your state is stable and everybody inside hates you or loves you, and it also can be unstable so eh, and then everybody else might like you or hate you or eh or whateverHodop2020/10/12 18:19:36What are the definitions?Hodop2020/10/12 18:19:43I don't want a biased opinion.King Samarand2020/10/12 18:36:32google itKing Samarand2020/10/12 18:36:47capitalism is an economic system based on the free marketKing Samarand2020/10/12 18:37:01where everyone works to better themselves in the economyKing Samarand2020/10/12 18:37:19if they don't work hard enough they starve and dieKing Samarand2020/10/12 18:37:28communism is where you work for the stateKing Samarand2020/10/12 18:37:35and the state providesKing Samarand2020/10/12 18:37:50and if you don't work hard enough you starve and
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:18:08

Level 62
dieKing Samarand2020/10/12 18:38:54there are multiple forms of communism, but it is most often thought of as being bad, because it usually gives much more power to the people and takes away from the state, but that is just cuz of corrupt leaders- and that's the political system of communismKing Samarand2020/10/12 18:39:21if you look at each from the hard economic point of view it's easy to say communism ain't badHodop2020/10/12 18:47:15Well, what if religion says to give to the poor and needy?Hodop2020/10/12 18:47:31Which would that be?King Samarand2020/10/12 19:09:11then you give to the poor and needyKing Samarand2020/10/12 19:09:28or like a general greedy person tell them to work fornitHodop2020/10/12 19:18:48I want to know what kind of government that would be.EthanFijoria2020/10/12 19:33:18
Puerto Natales, this is your last chance. Don't. Touch. Porvenir.
EthanFijoria2020/10/12 19:33:25If you do, next round, I'm going to kill youHodop2020/10/12 19:37:16How?King Samarand2020/10/12 19:52:16Theocracy?King Samarand2020/10/12 19:52:22Government based on religion?King Samarand2020/10/12 19:52:29Like I think the Vatican...?Hodop2020/10/12 20:37:24Huh.Hodop2020/10/12 20:37:28Intriguing.EthanFijoria2020/10/12 23:26:59The Epilis and the Espons have agreed to side with each other.Charles Scott2020/10/13 18:23:45
Region Metropolitana Region of El Libertador General Bernardo O'Hiigins Region of Valparaíso
Charles Scott2020/10/13 18:23:55that looks like an absolute messTurn 6View in HistoryEthanFijoria2020/10/13 18:25:08
Declares war on Puerto Natales
EthanFijoria2020/10/13 18:25:16dont take porvenir >:CNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/14 8:52:17no bienNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/14 8:52:21no bienoNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/14 8:53:05DIOS MIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKing Samarand2020/10/14 18:15:27u gonna get hechedHodop2020/10/15 20:18:08Too late, the fork demons have him.Hodop2020/10/15 20:18:33They rip him limb from limb.Turn 7View in HistoryEthanFijoria2020/10/18 18:52:34@dead chat pingTurn 8View in Historyj.E.b2020/10/19 3:03:27this chat was buzzing one day and died the next lolNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/19 8:37:08GET YOUR KNEED OFF OF THE CHATS NECKHodop2020/10/19 19:59:18Yeah!Hodop2020/10/19 19:59:25I just stop the RP.Hodop2020/10/19 19:59:39Since I think Samarand should pick it up from here...Napoleón Bonaparte2020/10/19 21:57:48FREE AVOCADOSNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/19 21:58:06FOR EVERYONEEthanFijoria2020/10/19 22:54:30We don't accept avocadoos.Hodop2020/10/19 23:58:30lolKing Samarand2020/10/20 1:33:01who meNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/20 7:54:29YA YOUno2020/10/20 9:06:24
Sol Wars Finished Template here + FFA

EthanFijoria2020/10/20 16:02:29noone cares about that, we only care about spoon.pronunciationphreak2020/10/20 18:51:47Chat advertisers are so fucking annoying. Nobody gives a shit, no. The spoon is what the world cares about.EthanFijoria2020/10/20 18:57:09ikr...Hodop2020/10/20 23:56:50lolTurn 9View in HistoryEthanFijoria2020/10/21 15:53:13
umm since when Puerto Aysén
EthanFijoria2020/10/21 15:53:17ok whateveHodop2020/10/21 16:49:26
Castro Puerto Aysén.
EthanFijoria2020/10/21 17:04:28Wow, I thought you said...EthanFijoria2020/10/21 17:04:30....Turn 10View in HistoryNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/24 15:16:38nuke the perimeterHodop2020/10/24 15:19:20Okay, so since Samarand isn't saying anything, I guess the Spoon lore ends at the two prodigies getting ready to fight.King Samarand2020/10/24 15:32:38wait whatHodop2020/10/24 15:33:02I said you should continue the story.Hodop2020/10/24 15:33:16Look in chat to see what it's about.King Samarand2020/10/24 15:33:59Furky vs Bakka Bakka?King Samarand2020/10/24 15:34:13The Spoones of Olde?King Samarand2020/10/24 15:34:18The Unholy Alliance?King Samarand2020/10/24 15:34:29or was there a newer message I should reply toHodop2020/10/24 15:35:11Newer.Hodop2020/10/24 15:35:29The Unholy prodigy & The Spoon Prodigy/Hodop2020/10/24 15:35:31.King Samarand2020/10/24 15:36:40(wheres)Hodop2020/10/24 15:37:21Right at the end of the RP.King Samarand2020/10/24 15:38:54(The PM rp? Where Bakka Bakka emerges once again with mersamarand and merhodop?)King Samarand2020/10/24 15:40:20(Isn't Augusto Pinochet my son or something)Hodop2020/10/24 15:41:42Well, Augusto v Furky.Hodop2020/10/24 15:41:50Like, 130 messages up.King Samarand2020/10/24 15:48:02Augusto holds the Hurricanal Tsunami Spoonsaber in a defensive position, in front of his face as Rancagua slowly circled around him, holding the Unholy Fork of Destruction loosely at his side. "Stand down now, Pinochet, and your life might be spared," the latter combatant hissed to the other. "Eh... not feeling like that today" was the reply, followed by a flash of Spoonsaber coupled with the flash of Fork as it deflected the attack. "Pinochet... you can't win, you know that right? The Unholy Alliance are slaughtering the Esponians and the Followers of the Spoon, and we both know that you will never be the equal of your predecessors, whereas-" KABOOM- Pinochet was blown over a kilometre away, the Fork having caused a large explosion at Pinochet's feet.King Samarand2020/10/24 15:50:56The Spoonsaber gently caught Augusto on a strong gust of wind, cooling his burns and shooting him toward Rancagua, who merely lifted the Fork and sent Pinochet, now unconcious, flying through the air... toward the ocean where the mermen were seen last and Bakka Bakka having disappeared.King Samarand2020/10/24 15:53:01The Spoonsaber fell out of his grasp and he sunk below the water, the duel over before it had really begun. Yet the battle of Spoons vs Forks was hardly over yet- a monstrous roar came from the ocean- and from it rose the head of the LeviathanKing Samarand2020/10/24 15:53:18(there take your Leviathan muahahahahah)Hodop2020/10/25 0:22:09lolHodop2020/10/25 0:23:00The leviathan rose from the ocean, & spat its venom at Rancagua, who attempted to flick it away, but the venom was too strong for that.Hodop2020/10/25 0:24:28Rancagua instead summoned a servant by triggering the Unholy Fork of Destruction's self-sacrifice setting, but directing it toward them.Hodop2020/10/25 0:25:36Rancagua then glared at the horrible beast & said "Only one person can deter the power of the Unholy Fork of Destruction & he died a long time ago..."Hodop2020/10/25 0:26:23He then activated another self-sacrifice & another servant was torn to shreds, which gave Rancagua a shield of Vengeance.Hodop2020/10/25 0:26:58"Let's go, & I'll DAMN YOU BACK TO HELL!"Hodop2020/10/25 0:27:37He jumped high enough to be equal to the leviathan's head in height, & slashed his weapon at it...Hodop2020/10/25 0:27:49With a flash of light, both disappeared.Hodop2020/10/25 0:28:06The rest of the mercreatures began to surface....Hodop2020/10/25 0:28:34The swim in a large circle, the center of which begins to glow & grow in size in all 3 dimensions...Hodop2020/10/25 0:29:15The sphere grows to encircle all of the mercreatures...Hodop2020/10/25 0:29:36Then, from the center of this sphere, Bakka Bakka emerges...Hodop2020/10/25 0:29:45But in HUMAN FORM!!!!Hodop2020/10/25 0:30:00Then, he coolly walks onto the land.Hodop2020/10/25 0:30:17"Gimme your best shot, Pagans!" He challenged.Hodop2020/10/25 0:30:47The Unholy Alliance then gathered their Fork Cannons, & begun firing on Bakka Bakka...Hodop2020/10/25 0:31:07He lazily deflects them with a flick of his wrist.Hodop2020/10/25 0:31:19"Is that really all you have?"Hodop2020/10/25 0:31:28Then, the leader steps forward...Hodop2020/10/25 0:32:48"I am Napoléon Bonaparte, the leader of this alliance."Hodop2020/10/25 0:33:07I am the only who could possibly stand up to your might....Hodop2020/10/25 0:33:19*He saysHodop2020/10/25 0:34:26He then holds his Large One Pronged Fork & flips the switch, triggering the Mass-Sacrifice.Hodop2020/10/25 0:35:22All members of The Unholy Alliance are disintegrated, & their Aura converges onto the Tiny One Pronged Fork.Hodop2020/10/25 0:35:36Napoleon's eyes glow red...Hodop2020/10/25 0:37:30"Now, let's fight!" He says, then charges at Bakka Bakka, ready to strike. Bakka Bakka Materalizes a Spoonsaber out of thin air, The Legendary Spoonsaber, & also charges. ready to strike...Hodop2020/10/25 0:38:01At the collision, a flash of Red vs Blue Light emerges, & they disappear.Hodop2020/10/25 0:38:44Now, we see both battles simultaneously, in a white realm, where there is nothing but whiteness, & an imaginary floor that is always under their feet.Hodop2020/10/25 0:40:21After Racangua slashed at the serpent, it recoiled with a screech of Pain & Agony, & Bakka Bakka was able to push Napoleon back a great distance, friction burning his shoes & the cloth around his knees....Hodop2020/10/25 0:41:19As Rancagua (I'll abbreviate him as Ran, Bakka Bakka as Bak, Napoleon as Nap, & The Leviathan as Levi.)Hodop2020/10/25 0:41:53As Ran reached the ground, the leviathan whipped its tail toward him, causing him to go flying into a wall....Hodop2020/10/25 0:43:01Now partially on fire, Nap shoots a pitchfork-like beam at Bak, who is knocked into the air backward, but does a flip & lands on his feet, now partially on fire.Hodop2020/10/25 0:44:08Levi, now bleed acid profusely from the GIANT GASH in his forehead now levitates this acid & forms it into many spoons, all of which are launched toward Ran, who expertly deflects them.Hodop2020/10/25 0:44:43Then, as the last spoon is shot, he slips on the acid & it enters his mouth, burning it as though he had drank bleach.Hodop2020/10/25 0:46:04Upon landing, Bak did the thing that Link does when he is charging a spin attack, then rushed toward Nap at the speed of sound, & the collision sends both of them flying, Nap into Levi, & Bak into Ran.Hodop2020/10/25 0:46:22Everyone topples over, & lies there for a moment....Hodop2020/10/25 0:46:40
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:18:49

Level 62
Then Bak & Nap are both launched to the other side....Hodop2020/10/25 0:47:11Now with both duos standing side-by-side, they each charge an attack.Hodop2020/10/25 0:47:35Levi, however, has something figuratively up his sleeve....Hodop2020/10/25 0:48:22Nap unleashes a flurry of slashes, & Ran leaps high into the air, hoping to cut Levi deeper into his skull.Hodop2020/10/25 0:48:58Levi slithers around Ran such that he is completely blocked from outside view, almost like in a sphere.Hodop2020/10/25 0:50:10Bak, barely able to defend against Nap's flurry, slashes the ground & is able to get underneath Nap...Hodop2020/10/25 0:51:16Ran, inside of Levi's sphere, cannot see what is going on, & furiously attempts to cut Levi, but he moves so that Ran is always in the center, out of reach of his hide...Hodop2020/10/25 0:51:40Then, Bak realizes what Levi is trying to do, remembering how he came to be in this form...Hodop2020/10/25 0:52:06He cause Nap to attack him so that Nap is forced to move closer & closer to the sphere.Hodop2020/10/25 0:53:00While this is happening, Levi is making small gaps where Ran has begun to fire small beams at, causing them to go through without damaging Levi...Hodop2020/10/25 0:53:32Both Spoonists are getting tired, but the Forkists have a lot of pent-up rage to unleash.Hodop2020/10/25 0:54:03Once Nap is close to the sphere, Bak jumps into it, & Nap follows.Hodop2020/10/25 0:54:22With Bak now fighting 2 people inside, he is taking a lot of damage...Hodop2020/10/25 0:54:41Then, the center glows...King Samarand2020/10/25 1:40:34(uhhhhhh this is EPIC)King Samarand2020/10/25 1:40:50(Can't believe I fell asleep)King Samarand2020/10/25 1:46:19The centre of the sphere glowed brighter and brighter, eventually causing the combatants to have to stop fighting to shield their eyes from the blinding light filling the sphere, which filled in the gaps on the side. The sphere grew harder and more opaque as it started to expand, the light in the centre growing with it, starting to burn at the flesh of the combatants, growing faster than the sphere, the combatants hard pressed against the sides, Spoons and Forks lying to the side, eyes screwed up, blood boiling as the light reached them.
Then there was darkness
The sphere collapsed in on itself and the combatants awoke to find themselves healed of all injury, sitting atop a giant plate with a fork crossed against a spoon decorating it.Hodop2020/10/25 1:50:49And from it, Augusto Pinochet Appears, and now, with 3 Spoonists to 2 Forkists,King Samarand2020/10/25 1:51:19Their weapons gone, their powers gone, Bakka Bakka half merchicken half human, the four figures looked around them. Before they set upon eachother, ghostly figures wafted out of the head of the Spoon and Fork. Furky, jeb, Samarand, Hodop, Augusto Pinochet, the Wizard of Oz, the Esponian High Commander Ethan, then followed by the glowing figures of Spoon, Fork, Knife, and Spork. The four figures stopped fighting to marvel at the spectacle. The Spoon lowered itself in front of Bakka Bakka, the Fork Rancagua, the Spork Napoleon, and the Knife to the Leviathan.

All of a sudden, once again sudden darkness.Hodop2020/10/25 1:51:27Okay, ignore what I just said.Hodop2020/10/25 1:52:11I had another story planned, but go ahead.Hodop2020/10/25 1:52:18I sent it to you in mail.Hodop2020/10/25 1:52:36So if anyone wants to know what happened in my parallel universe, PM me.King Samarand2020/10/25 1:52:50They were standing in a shallow layer of water, all thoughts of battle driven from their minds... their thoughts focused to the small orb of light ahead of them. They edged closer to it, and it grew as they neared it, eventually fading to reveal the Chopsticks.King Samarand2020/10/25 1:53:55Sudden darkness once again

They awoke to once again find themselves on the beach of Chile, Forks and Spoons in handKing Samarand2020/10/25 1:55:37scrap all that Hodop's version is much more epicHodop2020/10/25 1:55:48LolHodop2020/10/25 1:55:52Soooo....Hodop2020/10/25 1:56:04In MY parallel universe, this happened:King Samarand2020/10/25 1:56:05partyKing Samarand2020/10/25 1:56:36Augusto went to Esponian HQ and got super drunk (hahahahahhwhwhahhwhahahh)Hodop2020/10/25 1:56:46After the glowing light exists, it brightens and blinds them.Hodop2020/10/25 1:57:13And from it, Augusto Pinochet Appears, and now, with 3 Spoonists to 2 Forkists, The Forkists are still winning.

Each time two people collide, sparks, dust, & fighters are thrown to the wind.

Each time, the Forkists unleash more anger than the Spoonists can keep up with.

Eventually, a Double Fork Weapon Blast Collides With a Triple Spoonsaber Blast, which knocks both teams far enough away that they can strategize before they'll be able to attack again.

The Spoonists realize that Fork power comes form the Forkist's anger, so they ask themselves "What would Spoon power come from?" Then, Levi remembers something... When his spoonsaber surged with energy in the Underworld...Hodop2020/10/25 1:57:40He then reveals his true identity to Augusto, who is filled with happiness at knowing that Hodop has had a pleasant life despite being damned, & has even made it back!

Then, the soonsabers & Levi's energy surge! They are renewed with vigor, & their weapons even more so! By the time they reach the Forkists, a blinding light is being emitted from them! The Forkists are even more angered that all they have been fighting for thus far has been useless! Ran then sacrifices Nap, & then his & his followers anger surges! They are now evenly matched, this collision will be the final battle!

They collide, causing a surge of energy & blinding red & blue light! Then, the unthinkable happens... Bak dies in the collision, but in sacrificing himself, he overpowers the Forkists. The battle between Fork & Spoon has come to an end. The Spoon is victorious.]Hodop2020/10/25 1:57:56The Land is restored to its full bounty, & Hell is relinquished, only good go to heaven & bad stay in the dirt. Many graves are set up for the fallen, & the land thrives with the forkists gone...

Then, a new party enters the ring! DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!

The Knifists have come to destroy the Spoon Dynasty!King Samarand2020/10/25 1:58:32Augusto hidesKing Samarand2020/10/25 1:58:39knife sharpHodop2020/10/25 1:58:46lolHodop2020/10/25 1:58:55Well, I am VERY enjoying this RP.King Samarand2020/10/25 1:59:02hahha jajaHodop2020/10/25 1:59:04You continue, Smarand.King Samarand2020/10/25 1:59:13hrrKing Samarand2020/10/25 2:01:16Augusto, drunk and frightened, swims from Chile to Easter Island ahead of the advancing Knifist legions. The battle with the Forkists have left the Esponians weak, and the Emerald City has continued to be a threat.King Samarand2020/10/25 2:01:28(i honestly dont know what to say)Hodop2020/10/25 2:02:58lolHodop2020/10/25 2:03:29Maybe the Knifists just destroy all spoon monuments & go home?Hodop2020/10/25 2:03:42Idk where to take he story from here.Hodop2020/10/25 2:04:14And to think, this all started from j.E.b. having the spoon & none else knowing about it....Hodop2020/10/25 2:04:56Can someone post their credit card info here? I want to buy a game, but my credit card doesn't work. :(Hodop2020/10/25 2:08:28GtgKing Samarand2020/10/25 7:37:41hahaHodop2020/10/25 17:36:29Seriously, though.Hodop2020/10/25 17:36:52Anyone have any ideas of where to take the story from here?pronunciationphreak2020/10/25 22:24:14Genocide.Turn 11View in HistoryNapoleón Bonaparte2020/10/27 18:48:14Chile is responsible for 60% of all fruit exports. Chile is the leading exporter of fresh blueberries, grapes, plums, dried apples and prunes. It is also the second largest exporter of avocados, cherries, walnuts, and raspberries. Grape is the leading fruit followed by apples and blueberries.pronunciationphreak2020/10/27 19:23:24I export Lithium! :DHodop2020/10/27 21:11:16Why?Hodop2020/10/27 21:11:30We only need spoon for those purposes.j.E.b2020/10/28 0:30:22well im fuckedj.E.b2020/10/28 0:30:31damn move orderKing Samarand2020/10/28 0:35:08rip spoonkeeperKing Samarand2020/10/28 0:35:30dangnabbit all we got are the Esponians nowKing Samarand2020/10/28 0:35:37but they AIHodop2020/10/28 13:55:50Well, since the only idea we have is genocide, I guess we go with that..Hodop2020/10/28 13:58:08The Knifists invade & begin to burn towns & kill all they see not holding a Knifist symbol of worship. (Only true Knifists can lift them.) The people run and scream, & all who are Knifists are forced to attack under the power of the Knife god, Knif. He commands them to ravage the land, & they are without power of defense.Hodop2020/10/28 13:59:47They make their way from Argentina & head west into the newly unified land of The Spoon Confederation. The veterans, living in huts of high esteem, impenetrable by anyone who'd do them hard begin to rearm themselves & charge into the mayhem.Hodop2020/10/28 14:01:38The people living with the mercreatures begin to rally them to the field, the mercreatures singing songs of healing & songs of strength. Then, right as the battle would have begun, the Knifists hold position. They go into a single-file line & take one box per person from a cart. Then, they sit down in unison & begin eating with only their knives.Hodop2020/10/28 14:03:08The Spoonists, realizing this must be a part of their religion, eating at noon, do the same with their spoons, as the Knifist cart has transformed into a Spoonist cart. Then, the Forkists come out of hiding & begin to do the same.Hodop2020/10/28 14:03:44
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:19:03

Level 62
Then, The Knifists stand, & prepare to fight.Hodop2020/10/28 14:04:03Their boxes disappear, & they wait for the Spoonists to arm themselvs.Hodop2020/10/28 14:04:30The Forkists return to hiding, & the battle resumes!Hodop2020/10/28 14:06:52Mercreatures firing different projectiles from the ocean, Spoonists doing the thing the old man did in "Home Alone", & the Non-Trinary religions using swords & shields & bows & many other things to defend themselves. Then, one Spoonist comes up with an idea! He rushes to Spoon HQ & tells the constructors of his idea, then is shot down by a knife-crossbow.Hodop2020/10/28 14:08:40Minutes later, spoons the size of boulders are being thrown through the air like there's no tomorrow! The Rain of Spoons is enough to push the Knifists back onto the borders of Argentina. Then, the battle holds again, the NAP lasts until the Forkists have returned to hiding after dinner.Hodop2020/10/28 14:08:57Then... the true horror & bloodshed begins....Hodop2020/10/28 14:09:47The ground shakes every 10 seconds, first lightly, then increasingly in force, until one tree is toppled over.Hodop2020/10/28 14:11:12Something is barely visible, its head on the horizon... It steps closer, causing many things to topple.... It stays next to the Knifist battalion (Which is still standing, ready to fight.)Hodop2020/10/28 14:11:18Then, everyone sleeps.Hodop2020/10/28 14:11:37When they wake up, they see the horror of what has allied itself with the Knifists.Hodop2020/10/28 14:12:19It is an enormous, grotesque, bloody, Ogre.Hodop2020/10/28 14:12:50It holds a Knife-on-a-stick in one hand, & the other IS a knife.Hodop2020/10/28 14:14:42Its body pierced by Knives-on-sticks & large knives. When the Knifist battle horn sounds, its roar is so mortifying that many of its own soldiers collapse out of pain. The Spoonists, unable to do much else, call upon The Warriors of Olde.Hodop2020/10/28 14:14:54They do not come....Hodop2020/10/28 14:15:33The Spoon force suffers many casualties... the Knifists even more, but this Ogre just will not die!Hodop2020/10/28 14:17:11Then, something hits it in its one eye, & it falls over backward. The battle stops, & everyone gazes upon the item that pierced what seemed to be un-pierceable. Then, right as the dust clears, someone jumps from about a kilometer away, onto the eyeball.Hodop2020/10/28 14:18:25He grabs the item, & no one can clearly see what or who this is, & holds it aloft. He yells to the ocean "Do you not see what is happening!? Your lands are being invaded! Come save your people who you are sworn to protect!"Hodop2020/10/28 14:18:37...Nothing...Hodop2020/10/28 14:19:39Then, a ripple in the surface of the ocean, then more, then even more, then water begins to rush out of the way, causing a wave to form & radiate outward, leaving a vortex where it was.Hodop2020/10/28 14:21:10A blue-gray serpent head rose out of the ocean, it’s body slithering over and under the surface of the water, its roar sends the weapons inside the Ogre's body to fly outward, leaving it bleeding all over.Hodop2020/10/28 14:21:36The serpent slithers onto the land, and in its wake, a trench appear.Hodop2020/10/28 14:21:42*appearsHodop2020/10/28 14:22:17It stops as soon as it reaches the battlefield, then it turns around & fills the trench with water.Hodop2020/10/28 14:22:47The mercreatures dash onto the land, the lead 3 are carrying people...Hodop2020/10/28 14:23:37Hodop, Samarand, & Augusto Pinochet charge onto the now marshy battlefield, mercreatures at their sides, & begin to turn the tide of the battle.Hodop2020/10/28 14:24:01The man on the Ogre continues to stab it in the eyeball, then it awakens...Hodop2020/10/28 14:24:59It throws the tiny man off of it, and he lands on one of the mercreatures, a sea snake body with a sharks head.Hodop2020/10/28 14:25:54The man now is in the center of the battlefield, his feathers, yes his FEATHERS are in plain view of the people.Hodop2020/10/28 14:26:46The ogre, now growing in size & bleeding from everywhere, appears to be red, and uses its blood to form red-hot metal weapons, & a new arm.Hodop2020/10/28 14:27:12Now wielding a sword, shield, & crossbow, it attacks with full force.Hodop2020/10/28 14:28:15The Warriors of Olde turn their attention to it, & the serpent seems to be preoccupied with digging a hole in the side of the battle field, it then slithers down it, and is not seen again.Hodop2020/10/28 14:30:16The Ogre still manages to have the upper hand, even though there are three Spoonsaber Masters circling around its feet & attacking relentlessly. The feathered man stays in the center, his spoonsaber held to his side. The Snake-shark he is on circling around the Ogre & ripping small chunks off of its legs.Hodop2020/10/28 14:33:51Then, the feathered man appears to be struck in the face, he chuckles softly. Then he looks up, & the snake-shark stops circling the Ogre and stays in front of it. (Btw, this entire time, the Spoonists have been fighting the Knifists, & the Forkists have been in an underground bunker.) He calls out to the Ogre, & it looks down at his face, then begins trembling. The man begins to grow in size & feathers. His arms become wings, his legs become chicken legs & talons, his head becomes that of a chicken.Hodop2020/10/28 14:35:18Then, Samarand takes a second to look away from the Ogre & laughs in triumph, he says "We've won! Bakka Bakka is on our side!" Then Bakka Bakka, the giant chicken, with one kick, knocks the ogre back about 100 feet, & it topples over.Hodop2020/10/28 14:38:23Bakka Bakka then proclaims "I am the guardian of this land, you must leave & never come BCAKK! I you do, then I'll BCAKK your head off!" The Ogre runs back to Argentina, & with their primary fighter gone, the Knifists have no choice but to be BCAKKed by Bakka Bakka back into argentina, but luckily, no more of them loose their heads.Hodop2020/10/28 14:40:06Then, Bakka Bakka flys into the heavens, & tells the people of The Spoon Confederation that if they ever need defense, call Bakka Bakka down from the heacvens, & he will come.Hodop2020/10/28 14:40:29Hodop, Samarand, & Augusto Pinochet return to the Ocean.Hodop2020/10/28 14:41:22Then, the hole that the Serpent dug becomes a well that shoots balls of lava at any invader, & from that lava, another well will form, & so on & so forth.Hodop2020/10/28 14:41:53Then the Spoonists kill the Forkists for being BCAKKing cowards.King Samarand2020/10/29 8:16:51(BCAKK)King Samarand2020/10/29 8:17:09(*Extremely loud applause*)King Samarand2020/10/29 8:30:33(Hodop- Perhaps the story continues as Chile finally comes to peace under Spoonish rule and the rest of the world slowly starts to recover from the sun's explosion. Chile is perhaps slowly dying to the lack of the sun- perhaps the recovery of the rest of the world isn't working too well because the world is starting to freeze. Somebody emerges from a bunker in a far off place and discovers the First Spoon that was shot back to Earth; never destroyed when the sun blew up, the forces of both Chile and Argentina prepare armies for a second war~ the Emerald City is still a problem!)King Samarand2020/10/29 8:30:55(Simply change the problem from "What happens next?" to "What else is happening?"Chopsticks, Tiny Shovels, Spoon Forks, Sporkists, Slotted Spoon with No Slots- all potential answers to the first problem as well tho... no need for genocide just yet- unless the Spoonists form a corrupt police state... the problem is finding a problem, or is the problem that nobody enjoys a plot without a problem? Are humans that cruel!! hahahah yes we are >:D)
(too much ramble i need to sleep)Hodop2020/10/29 15:22:45lolHodop2020/10/29 15:23:27Well, the rest of the world is just Argentina, I mean, look at the map, our world is a cylinder.Hodop2020/10/29 15:24:05Of sorts, like an oval=sphere.Hodop2020/10/29 15:25:10Well, I mean Bolivia & Peru exist, but they tiny.Hodop2020/10/29 15:25:19& Polar Ice caps.Hodop2020/10/29 15:27:22& Spoon handles the sun problem.Hodop2020/10/29 15:27:34Emerald City died with the Unholy Alliance.Hodop2020/10/29 15:27:53ANyway, we could justend the story here.King Samarand2020/10/29 19:45:24aw manKing Samarand2020/10/29 19:45:45Ernie Moifplamme and Boints Mackumbre never made a debutHodop2020/10/29 20:49:19If that is a reference, I don't get it...Turn 12View in HistoryKing Samarand2020/10/30 1:24:34heh its a reference only I know aboutHodop2020/10/30 1:36:12:(King Samarand2020/10/30 1:40:57Ernie Moifplamme the charismatic to-be founder of the Guppish Empire and Boints Mackumbre the explorer whose tall tales are less extraordinary than the real ones ;)Hodop2020/10/30 1:43:16HUh.Hodop2020/10/30 1:43:39You still haven't gotten back to me about the Guppy temple.Hodop2020/10/30 1:43:46Is a gupy like an axolotl?King Samarand2020/10/30 2:04:57oh shoot the guppy templeKing Samarand2020/10/30 2:05:07the guppy is just a little fishj.E.b2020/10/30 4:53:08HeEEEEeeETurn 14View in HistoryNapoleón Bonaparte2020/11/04 22:26:33sam I amHodop2020/11/04 22:27:21Ma'am, I am afraid that I will have to deport you now.Hodop2020/11/04 22:27:40To the Island of HHRRRRNNNNNNNGGGGG!pronunciationphreak2020/11/04 23:04:12Sounds like a pretty shit island.Hodop2020/11/04 23:04:25Indeed.Hodop2020/11/04 23:05:02Literally.King Samarand2020/11/04 23:35:25green egg and hammyHodop2020/11/05 0:19:51
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/13/2020 22:19:08

Level 62
Those are my best friends!Turn 16View in HistoryNapoleón Bonaparte2020/11/10 12:33:51loxiivKing Samarand2020/11/10 12:35:11call him loxiKing Samarand2020/11/10 12:35:17or loxKing Samarand2020/11/10 12:35:27i think it annoys himKing Samarand2020/11/10 12:35:46or if you are especially bold call him loxy woxy ahahhahahahKing Samarand2020/11/10 12:36:01that would be hilariousLoxiiv2020/11/10 12:59:31idc what you call meLoxiiv2020/11/10 12:59:36dwLoxiiv2020/11/10 13:00:29
Hodop2020/11/10 16:01:03lolKing Samarand2020/11/10 19:38:39haha okpronunciationphreak2020/11/11 1:34:42loxy woxy should stroke my woxy coxyKing Samarand2020/11/11 1:52:37hahahaTurn 17View in HistoryHodop2020/11/11 23:12:06???King Samarand2020/11/12 8:05:05all you need to knowKing Samarand2020/11/12 8:05:14THE SPOON HAS BEEN FOUNDNapoleón Bonaparte2020/11/12 10:15:10i am the great sandvllaNapoleón Bonaparte2020/11/12 10:15:22i rule all across the landNapoleón Bonaparte2020/11/12 10:15:29from here to thereHodop2020/11/12 15:53:12but not from there to here.]King Samarand2020/11/13 11:50:12die sand
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/15/2020 05:14:23

Level 60
Why not just link the game?
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/15/2020 07:11:13

Neplaynian Confederacy
Level 53
Because this offers the best alternative to looking at what happened in a game; reading
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/15/2020 08:05:49

Level 46
(Too cluttered; didn't understand)
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/15/2020 08:08:35

Level 46
*switches to alternate personality*
Ayyy, what's going on here? I heard there were...
WTF is this shit? Here where we live, I use spoon, and there's no knife.
One word: R I C E .
*switches back*
Sounds interesting. Let's hear more :3
The "there is no spoon" RP: 11/16/2020 22:06:07

Level 62
Well, that is all that happened so far, but I can tell you what happened in Hell, but it would be clustered, not gonna spend another day un-clustering.
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