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Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 19:23:49

Neplaynian Confederacy
Level 53
Is making a clan worth it? Although there's more than 100 clans you can see, a lot of them, or rather the ones that aren't closest to the top either have less that 10 members, or are more than likely inactive. Someone creating a clan would probably have to try REALLY hard to make sure their clan is well known.

So would there be a point to it? Even when there's a high chance it won't go anywhere; pretty much leading to a waste of 1500 coins?
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 19:26:39

Annabeth Chase
Level 57
Short answer, no, unless of course you're committed to lead the clan and will not quit in a few months.
Leading a clan is not something easy, you can ask many clan leaders out there.
A clan that is not planned beforehand would likely end up bad, and might even get hijacked.
I would rather advised you to find a clan that suits you and give some suggestions on how to make the clan better.
It's better to stick with a clan that you enjoy and build it together.

Edited 11/6/2020 19:27:31
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 19:26:52

Level 63
I'm not sure what convinced people to buy clans these days. Due to the small size of the new clans, they take a lot of coins to get know with the general public.

On top of that, properly running a big new clan takes a lot of time, which is something a lot of people don't realize, leading to a quick demise of the new clan if the leader doenst put in enough effort.
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 19:28:18

Level 40
Yes you must be extremely dedicated to leading the clan for it to be well known
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 19:28:29

Level 54
Feeling good about yourself by owning a clan? ;p
Some of the newer clans actually succeed, it all depends on whether the leadership is active. The dead clans are mostly such because the leadership abandoned them.
The aim also doesn't have to be to make your clan "well known", many clans don't really care about that and have other goals.
As for wasting coins - again depends on what your goal is. But yeah, buying a clan without having at least some ideas on what people you want to be part of it is likely a bad idea.
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 19:31:13

Annabeth Chase
Level 57
As I have said before, bad leadership often ends in a failing clan or worse, it might get hijacked by some power-hungry peoples.
If you are serious about starting a clan, try to find a friend and make a group before purchasing the clan.
Leading it together with people you trust or better, a group of friends, makes it much better.
In the end, your clan is a place where you enjoy the community and the game.

Edited 11/6/2020 19:31:20
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 19:42:27

Level 54
nah, there's a simple solution to the hijack problem - do not give manager rights to anyone but yourself
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 19:42:56

Kenghis Ghan 
Level 61
The logo is in my opinion enough motivation to buy a clan. Whether you plan to expand the clan and thus how much you value it is up to you.
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 19:46:51

Level 61
yes, if you are willing to work for it
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/6/2020 21:08:52

Level 42
I own 3 clans that just sit there as vanity clans. I don't regret my purchases.

I think it comes down to how little you value the coins/money.
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/7/2020 23:08:58

Level 62
I personally wouldn't recommend it's a long process if you're into the strategic scene and your main factors of satisfaction is success in the clan league.

However there's something invaluable about creating a community of players that are somewhat like-minded. Potential to make friends for life.

With opportunities/options like this there's a simple phrase that sums it up.

"You get what you give"
Is creating a new clan worth it?: 11/8/2020 07:56:23

Level 60
In my opinion there's two aspects to this question:
1. Is it worth having/running your own clan?
2. If yes to the former, then should you buy a new clan or take over an old one?

To the first question, my answer is, like most others, it depends if you're willing to put in the work. Running a clan takes time and effort, although the exact amount of each depends on what goal you have in mind for the clan. Obviously, to be a very active, top competitive clan takes a lot more work than a simple casual group of friends. But what you choose is up to you, just know that it does take work to make any kind of good clan.

To the second question, it really comes down to: are you fussy about your clan's branding (name, reputation etc.), do you have the coins to spare, and can you find an inactive clan active enough to give you managing rights. I personally am fussy about things being done my way, so I would rather buy a new clan wholly my own than take over an old inactive clan, even given I could find one that will give me managing rights. Does Warzone need more new clans? Not really. Do you want to make a new clan wholly your own to run how you like? You decide whether the answer to that outweighs the other costs mentioned.
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