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Resource Caches be like: 10/29/2020 04:22:54

Level 61
Me when I get a resource cache:

Oddly enough, it appears that this was a bug that was patched, but my game started before then. Still kinda funny nonetheless.

Does anyone have any tips to progress faster? I seem to be taking forever to do some of the levels.
Resource Caches be like: 10/29/2020 04:51:36

Level 64
The best thing that works for me is to try to locate the landmarks at the beginning while also going for the draft tech as early as you can. Aim for the landmarks as they help increase the value of the drafts, however, space out getting them as from what I've seen from the drafts the start high values are based on the last territory claimed while the draft space isn't on the map. I say space them out to have the reduced drafts be worth the wait.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2