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Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 10/27/2020 00:20:29

Dr. Love
Level 60
Let's say for example I have an area that gives me a recipe and I am at gunpoint to take it. Is there any way to check the recipe without taking it? cause till now I don't see a way if I have an area near me with a recipe or a bonus if I don't remember from before what it was I can't just check it when I am about to take the territory.
Except of that, I would really like to have all the mines taken etcetera in a tab (like they already are) and not as icons inside the map. I would rather prefer to be removed from the map when I take them.
One more thing, seems we are getting more new features and we will probably get more. A map legend could help.

Edited 10/27/2020 01:21:25
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 10/27/2020 03:28:13

Level 60
I’m not saying this is a ‘good’ answer, but to check recipes on mobile I press a grey (inaccessible) area which is part of the same bonus, then hit bonuses, then scroll down to find the right territory. You can alternatively hit the bonus itself but sometimes these are small and tricky to hit without accidentally hitting a territory.

I think removing icons could make it easier to find hospitals and undrafted armies but I think it adds some character to the levels having the mines and army camps physically on the map. I personally like the icons.
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 10/28/2020 11:23:25

Level 37
you can click on near territory , click connections list, and click the territory to see all it's information
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 10/28/2020 14:33:14

Level 64
    One more thing, seems we are getting more new features and we will probably get more. A map legend could help.

Speaking of the new features I think there should be a separate tab that keeps track of the dig sites on the map as well as the artifacts, instead of being put in the AP tab. This could show which ones you have or haven't dug and which one's in progress. I understand this may not be as much of an inconvenience on smaller maps where there might only be 4 or 5 sites, but on the larger maps where there might 20-30 sites, it can be tough to manually keep track of which ones are finished and which ones aren't.

Edited 10/28/2020 14:34:00
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 11/13/2020 15:15:54

Level 57
Maybe a possible change would also be to have the drafts grow exponentially when there is <10%, 5%, 1% of territories to help with end of game boringness too...
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 11/13/2020 20:27:04

Sasquatch Bohogotot 
Level 59
Hi, maybe a way to highlight targeted territory (s) deep in enemy territories in conjunction with Fog Buster. This would help remember where you planned to attack seeing as how it is set up for long game play time?

Would it be possible for a listing of available dig sights in one of the charts like others. Hospitals, Camps, Mercenaries section maybe?

Edited 11/15/2020 21:21:36
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 11/17/2020 23:00:05

Level 23
Couple of ideas:
1. Powers - Multi Dig Sites "Have more than one dig site simultaneously".
2. Powers - Use more Artifacts "use extra artifacts of X hours". Like three or four hours.
3. Have the drafting territory change to the inverse color of your army. blue to orange, red to green....
4. Advancements - Hospital Visibility "Can see the location of the first hospital".
5. Advancements - Average time it took among all players to beat level on their first play through.
6. Joint Strike Advancements - Increases 1% for each territory over 2 that's connected to the territory that you're conquering. ie if 5 territories are connected to the territory you're conquering, you get 5% (or whatever you've upgraded to) plus 3% for the extra 3 territories for 8% total retained.
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 11/17/2020 23:10:00

Level 63
1. I would rather have that as an AP advancement

2. The active artifacts suck anyway, due to their excessive cooldown compared to their time of use. It would be better if Fizzer improved the active artifacts in general

3. There already is a special circle thing to help you with locating the draft, but having the territory/draft itself be more obvious, is a good idea

4. This probably already is one, this might only be in phase 3

5. I dont see how this is going to help a player in any way

6. normally speaking, a territory has at most 5 connections, and I suppose +5% would matter, but I dont think it is a big enough increase to make this happen
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 11/18/2020 00:25:33

Level 44
I've always wondered about having some kind of "defeat in detail" power - i.e. when confronted with a particularly large territory garrison (one with billions of armies, say) you can use this power to reduce the garrison in that territory (by a quarter, half, whatever). You would not take the territory this way, and you would lose some (maybe random) number of your own armies. But would make the territory easier to conquer at some future point.

Also, maybe, a "siege power". If you control all territories adjacent to an enemy territory, you can put it "under siege". That enemy territory steadily loses armies, even during idle time. Your own total army level would be temporarily reduced by some number until the siege is over.
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 11/18/2020 00:32:02

Level 63
I dont think any more new buildings and mechanics should be brought to idle for a while. The priority should be in updating what is currently in the game, and adding a few small quality of life features
Ideas/improvements/suggetions: 11/18/2020 09:57:15

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
4. This probably already is one, this might only be in phase 3

Not in stage 3. Maybe in 4 though.
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