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Floating Rocks Level/Mandela Effect/Anime Cartoon?: 10/22/2020 14:10:39

Melanie Baker
Level 58
The Mandela Effect! I have a few things to say about the ME regarding this game but I want to focus on 2 things relating to it. I'm willing to speak about ME overall, if prompted. This thread is specifically regarding the Warzone Floating Rocks Level and the Mandela Effect, plus one question I have about a cartoon similar to the Floating Rocks level that I can't remember the name of anymore, it was Japanese and had a sister and brother separated from their mother, the world was like the floating rocks level. My google abilities fail me. In regards to ME, Google Search/ Youtube seems to hold a lot of triggered anger towards ME, interestingly enough, they seem to yell and screech at you, what to think.

My main point though, is that I believe that Floating rocks is (quite likely inadvertently) a depiction of what would happen if the Mandela Effect was left to it's devices without repair from (I believe- but am open to opinion for discussion's sake) Angels and God. So, it will never happen but it's an indicator of the nature of the Mandela Effect.

I'm a firm believer in Simulation Theory. It's an opinion of mine... opinion. I believe the ME is a failure in the Game/Sim. Perhaps through initial design. Earth is and will forever experience an accelerated version of ME, so others can observe and perhaps gain a perspective that can reverse/thwart it. Only a percentage of us (30? 50?70?) can realise, perceive ME. Some people are Mandela Effect affected and can't cope and some can't perceive it and would cope and help very much. Mostly it's the people who can mentally cope that can perceive the ME. (I believe Earth is like a guinea pig because it's designed for players who didn't want to or can't spend a great deal of money for the experience, so it had to be not as good an experience as what already existed in the game. But still good enough to want to play. Is that a slip, my own personal psychoanalysis of my perception of life? Lol).

So - and picture this as an ultimate:
as the ME eats up the memory in the sim designated for Earth and things are close to an end, it's the players who dictate... to this end!: the ME affects the game program and not the player's (us, animals trees plants(rocks? fires? dusts and gasses are players too?))not the player's program, it's a big separate program from the game's program. So if the players must exist, the soil around the tree's roots must exist - if nothing else is left in Earths destroyed memory (tree is player of game) until the game is destroyed completely it must support the players. Hence Floating Rocks level, hence the cartoon I can't remember the name of.

So, when the ME gets really bad one day (100 years? Less?) the people who are aware of it, as an imagined example, will see people who are unaware of it unable to comprehend the most basic thing. Like, they crawl around on the ground until they're taught by the people who remember walking how to walk again, who will say to them "Thank you so much".

An important point when discussing ME: Our own individual, untouched, virgin impressions of the ME are the most important impressions to tackle this.
It is all going into a database and we don't have to make one, don't fall for any of that, it _might_ be a trap to manipulate this (every1 wants to manip the ME, and manip the peeps too, obvs, both obvs). If each ME affected person makes their own impression of it, whatever ways they feel best, a massive multi-perception of it is made. Even if a million of us Earthlings are so the same that we quietly think the same thing, one mild variation could be the key for God to tackle this. Meaning, each of our own impressions is very important, the operative point being "our own". God is really interested in what we think and He couldn't care less about the ingenuine.

I need the name of this cartoon so I can Google if it's even REAL anymore!
I love the ME, the internet was a dud before people started talking about it.
Personally I take what hits me and leave what doesn't. You soon get the feel of what's shill and dud as opposed to what's real.

Thanks for reading, discussion is less important but would be cool, the name of that cartoon would be awesomeness.
As a reward I will tell you one or two Rick and Morty Mandela Effect changes that have occurred, that I can't find on the internet yet.
Floating Rocks Level/Mandela Effect/Anime Cartoon?: 10/22/2020 14:22:16

Level 61
Mate, the floating rocks map was taken from an already existing image.


Edited 10/22/2020 14:23:21
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