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Where did I go wrong?: 11/8/2012 14:30:27

Truthless Hero
Level 7
Where did I go wrong?: 11/8/2012 18:29:16

Level 55
In your first game, since you got your 6th pick, you should have known where all your opponents are. Thus, it was a mistake to try to get Scandinavia. Rather, you should have tried to get South Americe. In addition, getting Mexico is a very bad idea, because A) it's only worth 3, South America is worth 4. B) there is a 4 soldier neutral in Mexico (you know this because nobody picked it).

In your second game. You shouldn't have attacked Nigeria in turn turn 5, rather you should have completed Mexico and expanded elsewhere. The reason for that is on turn 4, the opponent didn't deploy anything in Nigeria, so that means he used these soldiers to expand.

In your third game, why pick India as your third choice? It will take at least 3 turns to get India, which is only worth 3 income. You should probably pick Indonesia or Antarctica. In addition, why are you trying to take India rather than Indonesia? Indonesia is a +4 bonus that you can get in 2 turns, and it's well protected, whereas India is a rather useless pick.
Where did I go wrong?: 11/8/2012 19:01:25

Level 61
Hi, i think the best next step you can do, is to watch all the video tutorials from dunga... here you have the first of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM_VsL9mAvI&feature=share&list=PLxCcNh4O69xY2k53_r4diHSq-RR88zGwM

i know he make the second, but im not sure if is in youtube and i cant find the link now. here you have a thread in the forum about the tutorials, maybe you can ask for links to the second tutorial http://warlight.net/Forum/Thread?ThreadID=4747 ... i dont know if he have made a third part yet or not.

Also, here you can find people offering tutoring: http://warlight.net/Forum/Thread?ThreadID=4362

Sorry for my bad enligsh
Where did I go wrong?: 11/8/2012 19:12:01

Level 59
You shouldn't have let your daughter go out with that auto mechanic.
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