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Find button to show visible unconquered buildings!: 10/16/2020 06:51:57

Level 35
Hello there! I just got struck with a very cool idea to suggest! (in my opinion, of course)
With maps getting bigger and bigger it is quite hard to find all those army/merc camps, mines, hospitals, smelters, crafters, markets on those grey areas or inside bonuses. You have to thoroughly look through every territory and bonus to find all of those, that takes some time and sometimes you can even miss an obvious building.
So what I suggest is to add a special button/list with all unconquered, yet, visible buildings! You click this button/list and see what have you not conquered yet, then you can choose a building of your wish and the game camera will show you area where it can be get from!
That would be cool to use such a tool for quick search of those valuable assets on maps. For example, I used fog busters on Copper Creek Castle and now I can see all the map. With such a tool I would be able to locate all unconquered army camps in no time.
It is not cheating, because you can't show or get information about building that are hidden inside fog, only those, that you have revealed should be possible to find!
What do you think, players? :-)
Find button to show visible unconquered buildings!: 10/16/2020 07:02:35

Level 63
Yep, I support this, preferable with a search bar as well, so I can find recipe X without having to look all over the map, or scrolling to the long list of items. This would go great in combination with a couple fog busters at the start of the level.
Find button to show visible unconquered buildings!: 11/11/2020 19:01:20

Level 20

Edited 11/11/2020 19:06:19
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