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Resource Caches: 10/15/2020 12:56:21

Level 60
I liked splitting the money and army caches apart, but that exposes one of the biggest flaws of the game: resource Caches.

Oooooh, one whole iron bar! I can sell that for 900. Nevermind that my income is over 3k per second.

I'll admit, I once got a resource cache that helped me get a tech, but even then, I was just a couple minutes away from getting it on my own. But the rest are laughable.

It's worse now that the resource cache can count as a bonus spot. Nothing worse than finishing off a major land area to find my reward is some ore that I would otherwise reproduce in a minute or less.

Curious if the calculus changes in highest levels. Right now I'd say a recalibration is in order.
Resource Caches: 10/15/2020 12:59:01

Level 64

Warzone Creator
Resource caches are bugged. I'll get that fixed in the next update. Sorry about that.
Resource Caches: 10/15/2020 12:59:50

Level 43
Resource Caches: 10/15/2020 13:00:33

Level 61
Resource Caches: 10/15/2020 13:04:03

Level 62
Agree, the resources provided in caches have always been weak ... and now that they're split out and "tripled", it stands out even more.

Today I captured a 250M territory and got 19K of iron ore. Not even a bar! In another ~200M territory I think I got 1 tin or iron or zinc bar (I forget, but it was just 1). Which means they're negligible. I mean, you can never count on them anyhow since a "resource" is too ambiguous. Could be an item, could be a bar, could be ore, and you never know, so you can't plan around them at all.

On the higher levels I did see some cases of getting some decent items though ... boiling flasks, chromium bars, semiconductors, etc.

But I'm confused as to how "tripling" the benefits can work out to "1 bar".

And also confused why the size of the territory seems to have no (little?) bearing to the value of the resources -- and compared to what I said above about higher levels and better resources, this seems to be recent.

NEVERMIND ... Fizzer just responded, clarity achieved. No further questions.
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