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The Booty Hunter: 10/5/2020 03:59:05

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
If only you could read my mind
You would know your bottom's divine

Ooh baby please walk in front of me
Those big firm cheeks is all I see

They're asking for a slap, I know they are
I could tell so many things from this far

I'd never thought I'd abuse my power
Just for the sinful act of deflower

But life is short, I must have fun
I need to loosen up just like those buns

Prepare to see what I can do
I waste no time, I pull my fingers, only two
I begin to motion them like a 'U'
I am telekinetic, yes, it's true

She jerks and turns back, very rude
I continue after, I know she's in the mood
She begins to walk awkwardly, like anyone would
But she is clueless about all, as she should

I begin to vibrate my fingers like a confused compass
She falls to the ground, and I lose my mind, I have so much opportunity like Christopher Columbus
All I see now is her plumpness
Pointing up in the air in this college campus

I freeze her in place and levitate her
To an alleyway I transfer her through the air
I don't let her look at me, I don't dare
If I make no physical contact I think it's fair

I begin my motions inside her sweatpants
To her, they probably feel like ants
I quickly rip off everything including her underpants
I move each cheek side to side, I make them dance

She's now my instrument don't you see
I play her cheeks like drums, with no music sheets
Stop, please stop, she begins to plea
I of course stop, this is no way to treat a love seat

I am almost finished so I'll bring it to an end
I'll make her time with me well spent
My two fingers inside her I will extend
And to all the nuns in the world I will offend

She shakes a bit and jerks her behind
And what I see is a gold mine
Her lips so spread and puffy you will find
I'll leave now as this is end of the line
The Booty Hunter: 10/5/2020 13:46:00

Level 49
Just a saturday afternoon
The Booty Hunter: 10/5/2020 23:31:13

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Yup, nothing weird here at all
The Booty Hunter: 10/24/2020 21:48:07

Level 57
Bump (more people need to see this)
The Booty Hunter: 11/5/2020 02:30:21

Level 44
beautiful. how bout one about tits?
The Booty Hunter: 11/13/2020 14:37:39

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
We need more of these stories lmao
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