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Quickmatch inactivity: 10/3/2020 19:18:43

Level 14
As a newbie i keep being thrown in Quickhatch lobbies with similar low level players. Who either are afk until they are auto booted or they take one or two turns and then surrender. Then get thrown in lobbies with people who actually have quite a lot of experience. Because of my artificial boost in ranking. Being someone new to multiplayer i get absolutely thrown into the dumpster. And after one or two games get thrown back into afk town. How can i avoid this?
Quickmatch inactivity: 10/3/2020 19:21:26

Level 21
i dont know by the way how do you make a forum?
Quickmatch inactivity: 10/3/2020 19:25:40

Annabeth Chase
Level 57
You can't avoid it.
One way to avoid getting destroyed by the more experienced player might be to hop in into some games (from the lobby) before you start playing QM to understand some of the game basics.
Some of the SP levels also helps explain some mechanics if it's your first run with Warzone.
You could also try asking the more experienced player for tips.

At last, have fun with the game!
Mail me if you want some help with the game and I'll try to help.
Quickmatch inactivity: 10/3/2020 19:26:30

Level 55
it increases winrate why be mad about it
- downvoted post by I SAW YOU VENT RED
Quickmatch inactivity: 10/3/2020 19:32:31

Level 61
This is something you will have to go trough. If you lose a game, review it, and learn from your mistakes.

You will soon be good enough to keep a rating where you dont get matched up with AFK noobs all the time, and from there you're set to have a great time on WZ.
Quickmatch inactivity: 10/3/2020 19:32:59

Level 55
go to community, go to forum, go to create new thread under the topic of youir choice
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