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2v2 Ladder History: 9/28/2012 23:38:43

Level 59
I figured this would help people who care about who the original great players were and who's been good more recently too...I compiled a list of the teams in the 2v2 Ladder that were ranked #1, as well as for how long...Here it is:
1. 4/30/11-5/1/11 Raginpikey and Nuckluck
2. 5/02/11-5/22/11 Ruthless and Duke
3. 5/23/11-5/25/11 fatguyinalittlecoat and bostonfred
4. 5/26/11-6/28/11 Ruthless and Duke
5. 6/28/11-7/14/11 Blue Precision and Eitz
6. 7/15/11-7/18/11 Heyheuhei and Monsenhor Chachina
7. 7/19/11-7/20/11 Blue Precision and Eitz
8. 7/21/11-7/28/11 Heyheuhei and Monsenhor Chachina
9. 7/29/11-8/04/11 Blue Precision and Eitz
10. 8/05/11-8/17/11 Heyheuhei and Monsenhor Chachina
11. 8/18/11-8/20/11 Blue Precision and Eitz
12. 8/21/11-8/30/11 Heyheuhei and Monsenhor Chachina
13. 8/31/11-9/04/11 Blue Precision and Eitz
14. 9/05/11-9/05/11 Heyheuhei and Monsenhor Chachina
15. 9/06/11-9/06/11 Blue Precision and Eitz
16. 9/07/11-10/04/11 Heyheuhei and Monsenhor Chachina
17. 10/05/11-10/09/11 denzyman and Gui
18. 10/10/11-10/13/11 FBG Dragons and FBG Gaspumper
19. 10/14/11-11/18/11 denzyman and Gui
20. 11/19/11-11/19/11 zaeban and Oliebol
21. 11/20/11-11/24/11 denzyman and Gui
22. 11/25/11-1/02/12 zaeban and Oliebol
23. 1/03/12-1/03/12 FBG Dragons and FBG Gaspumper
24. 1/04/12-1/15/12 zaeban and Oliebol
25. 1/16/12-1/20/12 Chaos and V
26. 1/21/12-1/21/12 pwn Martin and pwn Trackerz
27. 1/22/12-3/21/12 unknownsoldier and Gui
28. 3/22/12-4/04/12 Samurai and Heyheuhei
29. 4/05/12-5/20/12 unknownsoldier and Gui
30. 5/21/12-5/24/12 pwn Martin and pwn Trackerz
31. 5/25/12-5/28/12 unknownsoldier and Gui
32. 5/29/12-5/29/12 pwn Martin and pwn Trackerz
33. 5/30/12-6/29/12 dunga and Heyheuhei
34. 6/30/12-7/26/12 pwn Martin and pwn Trackerz
35. 7/27/12-7/27/12 dunga and Heyheuhei
36. 7/28/12-7/28/12 pwn Martin and pwn Trackerz
37. 7/29/12-9/10/12 Ruthless Bastard and Grinche
38. 9/11/12-9/13/12 dunga and Heyheuhei
39. 9/14/12-9/23/12 Luxis and Frankdeslimste
40. 9/24/12-9/26/12 Ruthless Bastard and Grinche
41. 9/27-12-Present Idfdoggy and [WM]Blue

How many days has each team been ranked #1?
1. unknownsoldier and Gui -110
2. Heyheuhei and Monsenhor Chachina -64
3. Ruthless and Duke -55
4. Zaeban and Oliebol -52
5. Ruthless Bastard and Grinche -47
6. denzyman and Gui -44
7. Blue Precision and Eitz -35
8. dunga and Heyheuhei -35
9. pwn Martin and pwn Trackerz -34
10. Samurai and Heyheuhei -14
11. Luxis and Frankdeslimste -10
12. FBG Dragons and FBG Gaspumper -5
13. Chaos and V -5
14. Raginpikey and NuckLuck -2
15. Idfdoggy and [WM]Blue -2

I think it is hard to argue that unknownsoldier and Gui have been the best 2v2 ladder team on warlight for the time they were playing. Congrats to everyone on this list though :) You have to be a very good player to get on here :)

I plan on doing this for the 1v1 Ladder as well.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 07:35:06

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
Man thank you for what you did!
I think it is a nice improvement to Warlight:)
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 07:38:37

Level 29
Shouldn't somebody be keeping track of this stuff on the wiki?
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 08:17:44

Level 58
There is very few records on the wiki but i am now putting this stuff onto the wiki
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 08:21:44

Level 58
There we go its now on the wiki.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 14:19:34

dunga • apex 
Level 57
I would like to see the statistics of games against 1st places holders.
me and hhh are 7-1 in that matter, probably in first place.

I do see me and HHH the more solid 2v2 team, and I say that by how we played, and how we dominate many aspects of the game when playing other good teams.

Of course we also loose, and that 3 defeats in a row in a bad week put us a little behind, but still I think ingame our results against the other top teams are very good.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 14:48:02

Level 59
dunga, I can look through these 15 teams and see how they did against other #1 teams I guess...I'll also do that for the 1v1 Ladder.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 15:17:54

Level 59
Heyheuhei and dunga 5-1
Idfdoggy and [WM]Blue 1-0
Ruthless Bastard and Grinche 1-1
Luxis and Frankdeslimste 0-2
fatguyinalittlecoat and bostonfred 2-3
Blue Precision and Eitz 5-9
Ruthless and Duke 3-8
Raginpikey and Nuckluck 12-10
unknownsoldier and Gui 4-4
denzyman and Gui 5-4
pwn Martin and pwn Trackerz 6-7
Monsenhor Chachina and Heyheuhei 8-3
Chaos and V 3-2
FBG Dragons and FBG Gaspumper 11-8
Samurai and Heyheuhei 2-2
Zaeban and Oliebol 3-8

These stats might have 1-2 small mistakes but this is the best I could come up with for it.

I also realized I forgot to add fatguyinalittlecoat and bostonfred to the list above of days being ranked #1. They have 3 and are in 14th place in that category.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 15:19:59

Level 55
be sure to see if players are booted. zaeban was booted a lot. imp got booted a bunch. a few of those games he was going to lose. most never even started. recently i was booted from two games. one i had a 35% chance to win but probably was going to lose. the other i was going to win, which is annoying bc it allowed two people to get the top spot.

on a related note: in a membership 3v3 myhand got booted after the winning turn and the opponents took the win as if they earned it. apparently one of them even bragged about it, saying they won. it's sometimes annoying to play. get booted when winning on the ladder and notable wins make it seem like you got outplayed. goof around in real-time and people put the game up as a favorite.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 15:37:55

Level 59
I don't have the time to go through each game to look to see if a player was booted though...But if someone else wants to, that would be a better representation.

That sucks for myhand...Who ended up winning the tournament then? And myhand got a membership now anyways from Salah so it isn't as big of a deal but that's still dirty play by the people who beat him.

Use multiaccounts to play real-time games for fun...That way no one knows who you are unless you tell them. That's what I usually do.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 15:48:02

Level 60
dunga, if you catch me real-time sometime next week with HHH also online please invite me and Kage to a series of 2vs2 games.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 15:55:47

Level 55
usually i do too. it's double elimination. so we're still alive. just have to play more games.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/29/2012 21:31:09

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Dunga: "I would like to see the statistics of games against 1st places holders.
me and hhh are 7-1 in that matter, probably in first place."

Too bad Luxis got booted in our game, I was sure we were gonna win before that. But I do agree that you 2 are a real solid 2v2 team.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 07:42:41

Level 55
dunga, 7-1 is 5-1 and frank makes it seem like it should be 4-2. you encouraged me to rejoin the ladder as denzyman and myself, since i'm not satisfied with my two games with you two: as myself/denzyman, luck of picks determined the game; with unknown, busy schedules and growing indifference to the ladder led to poor (read 'no') communication during the picking stage. me: "why did you pick that, unknown?" unknown: "i wanted you to change your picks but i made mine too late and didn't want to bother risking a boot by trying to communicate with you."

it's easy to 'dominate' if the opponents don't cooperate or the computer system gives you an advantage.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 09:28:03

Level 5
Go go, Gui!
Real denzyman supports you! :)
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 11:27:36

Level 60
Anyone wants to start betting? About a week ago I was asked about best 2vs2 ladder team and since Monsenhor quit and myhand/Salah do not play 2vs2 ladder I was quite confident Gui/denzyman was the potential #1, go prove me right Gui :)
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 13:05:16

Level 55
any top teams want to increase your game count? i need a second game
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 15:00:32

dunga • apex 
Level 57
well, i am kind of embaressed really by my misscounting.
I counted the number of tabs i had open very quickly, clearly i coudnt trust myself with this method and should've double checked. I would not want to enhance a statistic that could easily be checked.

The game against frank and luxis was not in a final stage for them, was playable for more turns, was not gg for them.

And if any of you wants a match with 2 accounts is not the same as playing against a team, i would accept with accounts of my own.

and Empyrean, you waste too many lines trying to give excuses that only matter to you, being a good communicator or not, having a trustfull partner or not, or having luck or not is part of the game, because in the end, after playing enough games, who is best is the one winning more.

For instance I think if anyone thinks of himself of the best 1v1 player I would say he have to prove himself against Szeweningen, because in my view he has the best results in the past months.

So, how we going to settle this dispute?
4 teams playing 3 games against each other?

me and HHH
gui and denzyman?
who will be in the 4th team?
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 15:32:02

Level 59
That's a good idea dunga...Perhaps Luxis and Frankdeslimste for the 4th team?
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 15:45:51

Level 55
i made a tournament bc myhand said he wants to practice the 2v2 ladder. either he will join my team or szewn can (he also wants to practice). that tournament is for myhand, not anyone's hubris.

regarding the 'dispute': the ladder templates are very luck dependent. so there is no way to figure out which team is best in a short time. sample sizes are and will probably always be too low. teams come and go. motivation, focus and interest rise and fall. i joined the ladder to increase one sample size. if you feel you have something to prove, make a tournament. the best ladder settings 2v2 teams i've watched play are v and chaos, the fbgs, the pwns and monsehnor/hhh. get v/chaos and the pwns (fbgs won't, the template bores them) into multiple RRs with other top ladder and non-ladder teams and the results would speak for themselves. but since the template isn't the best 2v2 template and the map is overplayed, i doubt anyone is interested except you and me.

until then we only have subjective arguments and the occasional pride-driven insult. but that can be fun too. i for one like to see the fiery dunga bubble to the surface to see what you really think. too many players here hide behind anonymous accounts and are still too timid to speak their minds. maybe they need to wear masks while using anonymous accounts to have more courage.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 16:00:39

Level 55
regarding sze: someone needs to buy sze a membership for him to prove himself on the 1v1 ladder. he is not able to buy one (his extra money is for booze and cigars) and cant win one (he's always a bridesmaid and never the bride). my record against him is very much in my favor. sze likes challenges: i'd have to lose a bunch to him, see him outdo me on the ladder and see him train someone who can outdo niko. then i'd change my name to sze's slave and retire my main account.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 16:25:55

Level 55
fizzer doesn't like competition. he took my team off the ladder. too much talk about competing makes him nervous.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 16:51:22

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Of course i have my fiery side, ask my ex-wife.
But still, all with respect, i still like the people I can speak my mind as you say and the way you put yourself out there is because you clearly dont mind having this kind of feedback once and while.
No harm done right?

I think I need to play lots more games with top players to have a bigger sample as you say. Because, the two big loosing records I had I have been setting straight in the last games (heyheuhei and lollipop). And in the 2v2 I know you realize the level of this game is rising, and you need to keep understand of how people are playing (SPECIALLY all the players you teached very well, congratulations man, really wonderfull job with that, honestly) to keep having good results, and at this point we can say we are in fact solid and should be consider, result-wise and gameplay-wise. Of course we have flaws, I see in him and myself, he sees in me and himself, if we talked more we would be even better, but when the important turns we keep doing the right moves that puts us with solid records so far. Its up to the players starting taking advantages of our flaws and build up a gameplay the players will look up too.

I said yesterday while commentating on the game szeweningen vs fizzer that to me you (empyrean) and szeweningen are the best players in my point of view. I dont saw enough of Salah and myhand in 1v1 and 2v2 (which are the games i play more) but i know they are in the list. Heyheuhei in the end has absolutely fantastic records and results everywhere, but there is that fact we see him too little express himself, and there is the fact of sometimes loosing games he shoudnt (we need to account the fact he plays WAAAY too many games, and all the players he plays make a huge deal about it and put much more effort in the game than him).

BTW, i like the fact of having a bad record against neither, as well as to any top player. I liked when you said I was too good to being teached, I also liked when szeweningens said a turn of mine was the best (or one of the best) he remembered seeing in the game. In the last LIVE tournaments i created, we had a set of several games (i think 2 tournaments we played 3 games), at least 3 of them were epic, probably among the top 20 games this game ever read, a study case for sure.

Anyway, I also sometimes put myself outthere and I think i should be consider. I have against me the fact i didnt menage to get a good enough run to ensure at the 1st place in the ladder for a brief moment. It feels like i am out of the selective players club.
You put yourself in the 1st spot and at least 2 more players.
you bragged about your students beating or almost beating me. Was only a small run for them, your system really is finding difficult beating my style regularly (still need to play Niko in his new phase).

Anyway, thanks for what you doing (not this part about teasing fizzer), even the way you tease people can make they be better players.
You making me speak my mind is something i am likeing to do
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 17:24:18

Level 55
i found it funny when i noticed guys i was helping were the only ones you had lost to in a certain period. so i jokingly apologized to you for having helped them a little. i wouldn't consider any player i helped as having my style. i just give them ideas to help them make their own style more effective/smooth. they tend to remain efficient for a good period of time and then try to experiment with slightly less efficient approaches, which has led to a minor but significant decrease in the smoothness of their play.

i'm glad you think i'm better than hhh. fizzer won't let me use denzys account to beat you and hhh. but maybe hhh will read this and have lower morale or trust you less in your games. more losses for you could be a win for the inactive me. :(

seriously though, i'd like to see both ladders become clusterfucks in which all games feel like playing paper, scissor, rock. then maybe better maps and settings would be used.

negative feedback on an anonymous site with people i'll never meet: it's ok.
2v2 Ladder History: 9/30/2012 18:25:02

dunga • apex 
Level 57
i dont think heyheuhei will have problems with what i wrote, he still is one of the best in my opinion, and in overall results. I am very happy to be his teammate, not everything is about pride.

and you have a dark side that loves chaos, always pushing towards it.

and btw, i dont think we are close to mastering in the full extent both templates, they offer some kind of challenge, and luck plays some part in every sport, warlight has its share, no reason we should disconsider results, specially when we already have hundreds of most players, is a fair sample.

Nadal, Federer and Djokovic they win against all players, but loose to each other, that is very common when the level is very high, and are multiple players in that level.

I have no problems in loosing games I did my best and played well, you find analizing/blaming luck very important. Is more a question of philosophical approach. Maybe if you are loosing to LUCK ONLY in 100% of your games your actual results should be consider the best possible achievement skillwise.

anyway man, i said i respected you and admired your game and you used it against me, take a step back.
2v2 Ladder History: 10/1/2012 02:26:41

Level 55
chinese has a saying: 笑里藏刀 (behind the smile hides a knife). most people on this site are this way -- smiling publicly while hiding evil thoughts, jeolousy, rage, pride or negativity while always expecting the worst of others or misreading intent. so i do the opposite: 刀里藏笑. i am not disillusioned as to the importance of wl. it serves to alleviate boredom and negativity while i'm exiled in asia. i think those who harbor negativity while appearing otherwise are interesting.
2v2 Ladder History: 10/1/2012 05:21:31

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
Dunga would you mind posting links for the games you're referring to please?

"In the last LIVE tournaments i created, we had a set of several games (i think 2 tournaments we played 3 games), at least 3 of them were epic, probably among the top 20 games this game ever read, a study case for sure."
2v2 Ladder History: 10/1/2012 05:40:42

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
That was a very disrespectful thing to say, and I'm sorry that you feel that way Gui.
2v2 Ladder History: 10/1/2012 13:22:51

Level 55
Now I see how you got your name lolowut. People must respond to you a lot with "lol. what?"
2v2 Ladder History: 10/1/2012 14:05:24

dunga • apex 
Level 57
was your last comment to me Gui?

Because i dont have no hiding knife, because i dont have no Jeolousy, Rage or Pride (here in warlight at least) and of course sometimes I have my negativity.
I may have misread your intentions yes, sorry about that, but you seem to poke a lot, was unnecessary your lines about Heyheuhei.
I dont have no problem with you neither have no bad intentions towards you, I have just small opositions of what sometimes you say, and I come here and spoke to you to your front, and you even said this what you prefer, rather than hiding.

you maybe misread me too, because i have no bad intentions towards you. I dont have it now and never had it before, just gave my opinions while trying to not be disrepectfull.

Or I can congratulate you one more time for being an awesome player and a superb teacher, and is not flattery, just sincerity.
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