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Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/24/2012 22:48:53

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 02:33:46

Level 55
Thanks for posting it, Fizzer.

We're going to be uploading several other games as well!
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 03:18:39

Level 46
I've seen a few of your vids, keep it coming. Even though I disagree on most of the picks and moves, I like the way you guys talk it out live and make the game much more epic than it already is.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 04:16:42

Level 55
Yeah, we know we aren't the best. But by doing it we're learning a lot (and also the livestreamed tournaments have let us watch and review why the best players choose what they do and the way they do moves).

The game against Lolowut/jsa is actually over a month old, and since then we've gotten noticeably better at the game. Hopefully later videos will start to be closer to the optimal picks and move.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 05:21:37

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Alright, I'm glad this was finally posted, I would like to post what jsa and I were thinking while playing this game.

First off our picks were overlapped. Meaning Jsa and I picked the same picks.

These were our picks:

1. Antarctica
2. South America
3. Scand
4. Greenland
5. East China
6. India
7. Indonesia
8. East Africa

Mentality: Antarctica and South America were picked 1 and 2 because by having South America, AA was safe, assuming that no one picked South Africa. South America was also a great counter to West Africa. 3 and 4 were with the same logic, making Greenland safe. 5, 6, and 7 were all counter picks at this point, and 8 being a safe pick.

1st turn: Lolowut: Going for South America was a 2-turn bonus, and I needed to wait in India. I was more focused on waiting for when Kcscrag would have West Russia, and then moving up there.

Jsa: AA was the safer bonus to go for at this point.

2nd turn: Lolowut: I knew Mythonian would hesitate on attacking South America, so I devoted all my attention to finishing South America.

Jsa: Now was the time to counter Mythonian and make his appearance, hoping that Mythonian would cross even deeper into India.

3rd turn: Lolowut: I finally finish South America. Not much else to do. I get ready to advance in India.

Jsa: Assuming Mythonian would focus on defending West Africa, he moved into East China. Brilliant play.

4th turn: Lolowut: It was time to start focusing on my 2nd bonus. With Mythonian running for the most part, I moved into India and got ready to take it within 2 turns. I knew turn 6 I would have to face kcscrag, so I had to make sure I had the income to do so.

Jsa: Began getting ready to take Indo by turn 6, countered Mythonian

5th turn: Lolowut: With a reinforcements card, it was time to break West Africa and move further into Southeast Asia.

Jsa: Clean up Mythonian and get ready to finish Indo and start finishing East China.

6th turn: Lolowut: I gifted West Africa to jsa because I didn't have the income to focus on Mythonian, knowing that kcscrag would be in West Russia. Some people see this as a weird play, I thought it was the best move possible.

Jsa: Om nom nom bonuses.

7th turn: Lolowut: I move to Eastern Kazakh because I wanted a better border with West Russia. Had kcscrag moved there first, I would've been screwed, but the risk was worth it.

jsa: Om nom nom Mythonian+bonuses

8th turn: Lolowut: Seeing Mythonian made me hungry for more Mythonian.

jsa: Brilliant move in Central Russia, we're now in control of this game for sure.

9th turn: Lolowut: I remember saying in chat: I don't want to do a prod on West Russia, it'll waste armies. >.> Guess it didn't. Om nom nom Mythonian.

jsa: Realizing how far ahead kcscrag is in bonuses, decides to eat more bonuses.

10th turn: Lolowut: Eliminating Mythonian meant the game. So why not pursue more? Although, the pursuit forces me to lose Southeast Asia.

jsa: Om nom nom bonuses.

11th turn: Lolowut: End Mythonian's existence from this game and keep pressure in Europe, let Jsa control South America.

Jsa: Time to begin getting aggressive on kcscrag.

From this point on, I feel the victor was a bit too clear.

Fun game ^^
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 07:13:27

Level 55
Wise men bear gifts.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 15:40:42

Level 35
One piece of advice that I think would be useful: Use more Transfer Only orders. In turn 2, for example, Mythonian transfers 3 armies from Hong Kong to Myanmar, then 2 armies to Nigeria. Both times, the order was an Attack/Transfer.

While these moves didn't really hurt you, as the move to Nigeria was unopposed, and your armies in HK were wiped out by a large enemy force, you could have lost 3 armies for no reason had things gone a little differently.

IF their attack on Nigeria had been successful, you would have lost an army when it "attacked" the victorious Orange forces.

IF they hadn't (in hindsight unwisely) split their large attacking force from Thailand, and hit Myanmar with full strength, you would have lost 2 armies when they again "attacked" the victorious Green forces.

Really, these aren't big mistakes, but you should really use all the tools in your arsenal!

Also, Jsa, when I say the decision to split your forces, and attack both HK and Myanmar, was unwise, I have the advantage of hindsight. You must have thought he had the East China bonus, and were trying to break a bonus. A smart guess, but the wrong move.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 17:12:42

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Thanks for the critiques Texas. We also gave Myth and Kcscrag advice after reviewing the game. Seeing that they're very insightful players means our advice will sink in.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 17:15:57

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
During watching, i was thinking "why didn't Myth gift to ksc in Asia", that myth can focus on africa/SA and ksc harass in india while having his boni sort of save
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 17:50:50

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I was thinking the same thing Tim. With no access to your enemies while your partner gets torn down, gifting is the perfect solution. No amount of reasonable expansion is going to make up for your partner getting eliminated. If for no other reason, it's a guaranteed 5 income and twice as many card pieces.

It's better to make complimentary picks, but gifting is a perfectly good solution to a situation like happened in this game.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 21:27:56

Level 59
That's true Texas...It was probably a bad move to split the troops up.

I feel like looking back at this game, me and lolowut have improved our picks since then by a little bit but it's still the same basic style and worked every game for us except for boots and a game where a 5v3 attack failed that would have won us the game. Any guys that want to be near the top of the 2v2 ladder, I would advise using similar picks...Just check out any of Frank/Luxis's games or Ruthless Bastard's/Grinche's games.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 22:57:35

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
It certainly would've been a more interesting game had Mythonian done that, even I do it when I'm posed with borders on 2-players. My opinion is of that, if you're up against 2 players, you need to gift or blockade to get out of the situation. The combined incomes are very dangerous and make any movement risky. 2v2 is definitely a completely different game than 1v1 is, and the pressure is even harder to deal with. I find that I am more focused in 2v2 games and because of that can handle the pressure a bit better.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/25/2012 23:23:29

Level 54
Gui was telling you that in his post, but you didnt seem to notice.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 9/27/2012 04:12:24

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
For a minute, I was like: When did Gui post here..?

And then I realized that he changed his name and avi. again.
Video: Mythonian and kcscrag vs Lolowut and jsa: 10/2/2012 04:05:38

Level 55
I like the intro of the video, very nicely done :)
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