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Can somebody analyze this game?: 6/13/2014 03:34:42

Level 60
Personally, I thought this was an interesting game because my friend CheeseTurtle had +4 income advantage after her triple pick worked. Even after I took CA, she still had +1 but I had positional advantage. Feel free to bash on me if my advice in the chat was wrong!


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Can somebody analyze this game?: 6/13/2014 03:50:55

Level 56
The game was over after turn 2. Blockading Scandi was dumb. Cheese needed to kill you from Europe ASAP, not waste armies blockading - that'd be a strategy for a long game, and the only chance she had was to try and win quickly (and really, that was super unlikely without you totally screwing up or failing a 3v2 turn 2 in CA).

Luckily for her, you did screw up, royally, turn 2. Attacking Moscow was a horrible move. Unfortunately her attacking you that turn, preferably delayed as much as possible, was her only chance to win. She didn't do so, that was instant gg for you assuming you played well from then on.

If she really wanted to blockade something, Georgia was the best choice, not Finland.

I disagree with the "don't triple pick" rule though. It's certainly not always the best strategy, but it can work, well.

I've beaten at least two rank 1 ladder players with west china triple picks.

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Can somebody analyze this game?: 6/13/2014 04:11:19

Master ARC 
Level 57
Classic example of why cluster picking is such a risky idea.

I agree that cluster/triple picking can have its uses, but only when it is a large bonus (like, as Nauzhror suggested, W. China). Because West Russia isn't that huge of an income boost, and you had a pick right near her triple,all you had to do was not let your European start die and she had no chance.
Can somebody analyze this game?: 6/13/2014 04:23:09

Level 56
Here's some examples of me beating people with triple picks that would have likely worked vs. most opponents:





Top two are recent ladder games, bottom two are former rank 1's in non-ladder games (the last one is a gnuffone alt).

Those IMO are typically the best triple picks, West China, and Africa.

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Can somebody analyze this game?: 6/13/2014 05:09:52

Level 57

My different analysis: CheeseTurtle's tripple pick did work and your counter failed. Till turn 8 CheeseTurtle had the game won. She just didn't use her income + stack advantage to beat you up.

Game was pretty weak, just some thoughts:
- CheeseTurtle should have used her income + stack advantage to beat you up what was possible before you took Eastern Kazakhstan. When predicting a special flanking move you can use attack only for your second attack to not send your armies to a place where they aren't helping.
- Turn 11 CheeseTurtle should have surrendered
- From turn 11 on you should have used your income advantage to beat CheeseTurtle up instead of keeping expanding. Didn't matter of course since game was over.

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Can somebody analyze this game?: 6/13/2014 22:22:33

Level 60
Well triple picking is a tricky thing :)

If it's really beneficial, than you should rather try to counter it, instead of getting it (because as mentioned before 1 counterpick can easily threaten all your bonuses).

As mentioned before, your friend should rather try to eliminate you from Europe, than block scan, and take another bonuses.
You from the other hand, should predict, that she triple picked and stay in EU hidden for 1-2 more turns.

Then after having CA + SA you just need to pop out in Ukraine with a stack. And even with income disadvantage you just using your positional advantage and stack to break your enemy bonuses one by one.

Here's exemplar game how to play against triple pick: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=6372515

You just need to sit in your ass and wait for right moment to pop out.
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