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Uservoice: Elo: 9/17/2020 23:02:53

We want Strat ME and Elo for 1v1 Ladder
Level 30
Uservoice: Elo: 9/17/2020 23:41:48

Level 62
Signed up for uservoice just to vote for this. Right now there is pretty much no point in staying on the ladder at 50 games - your rating just stops moving. The current implementation highly incentivizes gaming the rating system by waiting for games to expire and trying your luck on win streaks, enabling players to get highly inflated ratings by simply stalling their losses.
Uservoice: Elo: 9/18/2020 06:10:19

Level 63

As I wrote before, Bayesian Elo does not work well for 1v1,2v2 and 3v3 ladder.

Standard Elo would be a great improvement, allthough stuff like Glicko2, which is pretty common for ratings in online games, would be better.

I could reason my answer very well, but I guess that would get too far.

I am a bit disappointed, that allthough this problem is mentioned alot, and not that tough to fix, Fizzer hasn't even commented on the topic.
Uservoice: Elo: 9/18/2020 12:11:46

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Level 61
Play Warzone idle you shitbags
Uservoice: Elo: 9/19/2020 01:16:54

Level 62
Fizzer doesn't care about the hardcore strategic community even though the game is "Strategy" where "Competitiveness" is a selling point in branding the game.

If he did, we would've had at least a response or changes applied accordingly. We've had the same crap rating systems and there's been years worth of discussions on basic fundamental things. It has killed the enthuasism for discussion on advance improvements which would highly benefit the game long-term for e.g. Rotating 2v2/3v3 ladder.

Hell, I wouldn't mind if he gave 5/6 sugar babes the power to take control of the whole ecosystem of the ladders. There's reliable community members who would apply changes in a sustained/managable fashion. E.g. Beren on the Seasonal Ladder originally.

It's quite demotivating playing a game where there's been such a lacklustre of prioritisation of an element of the game you most partake in!
Uservoice: Elo: 9/22/2020 18:48:03

Level 59
Put yourself in Fizzers shoes. He has limited time and he focuses his work on projects which give the best results, from his point of view.

You can't blame him for that. It's just a business.

You all are just too perfectionist. Taking it too personally when you shouldn't.
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