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Small Earth Auto Dist Ladder: 9/15/2020 21:40:48

Level 60
Hello all! Genera Warzone and I have created a Small Earth Auto Distribution Ladder. Everyone is welcome to join! Feel free to play casually or competitively, whatever suits you. Games are Multiday with a 3 day boot. You have to join on the clot with this link:

Edited 9/15/2020 22:27:20
Small Earth Auto Dist Ladder: 9/15/2020 21:42:35

Level 59
^ If you don't see the button to join the ladder, click on "Login" (in the top right) to auto-login with your Warzone account. Then go back to http://wzclot.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com/leagues/418/ and you should be able to join.

Edited 9/15/2020 22:36:46
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