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Expanding Idle vs Active: 9/14/2020 00:27:44

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 60
I'm still on phase one on the japan map, so like if this stuff is on a later phase then nuke this thread.

I feel that there is currently no incentive to go "idle" in the current version of the game. In the only other idle game i've played there is a huge bonus for going "idle" (no clicking) as to 1 nerf autoclickers and to actually make people come back to the game. How i think it would work in this game is make an advancement that increases army camp production massively when the game goes into Idle time. The other game also gave bonuses for people that used autoclickers, i think it was something like increase click damage the more times you do it in a row, but for this game we have drafts and we could do another advancement where you can do a arena game like every X minutes.

Basically i think there should be more incentive to go full idle, and then also buff people who keep the game open to compensate.

anyone else have other ideas?
Expanding Idle vs Active: 9/16/2020 15:42:27

Level 62
No change in the later levels. I'd say that it gets even more Active than Idle.

Actually being Idle (more Idle than Active) would take take weeks to get the required # of armies. You need to be active to manage the smelters, crafters, keep capturing, buying/selling items, buying mercs, upgrading tech, etc.

That said, I see that the latest update reduces the value that caches provide, so this may change things a least a bit, presuming that army camp strength is offset to compensate for the value that caches provided.
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