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Any Way To Slow Down/Limit Moves Shown At Once: 9/2/2020 05:19:42

Level 55
One thing that continues to annoy me on the UJS interface, which didn't use to happen on Flash, is how it typically shows 50+ order executions at once. This is an issue because:
  • I can't possibly see/process all those moves, so I end up missing some.
  • It heavily lags the computer and plays a really super loud sound effect.
  • The orders tend to be from different areas of the map. So it completely zooms out. Then I can't see the actual moves.

Of course going through one move at a time was too slow, so Flash isn't perfect either. But I was thinking it might be ideal to be able to limit to 10 moves at once or maybe there is already such a setting? I often have to go back and check moves that I missed on the first go around.

I saw the honourable psykkoman had the same issue:

tendency to show all moves at once if possible. If you are on big map with lots of orders, or with light fog, it makes tracking what is happening during the turn completely impossible, as map tend to zoom out completely and show dozen of moves at once all over the place. Obviously there is no chance to see numbers from that view. "Show all" option does not help either, cause you need to focus very close to check moves, which is something UJS desperately prevents you to do. It ends up either in freeze or with closest possible magnification, which is useless anyway so you have to scroll back and pray it does not freeze.

Is there any way to suggest this feature if it doesn't exist? What do people think about the option of being able to limit to display 10 (or a number of) moves at a time?

Edited 9/2/2020 05:22:02
Any Way To Slow Down/Limit Moves Shown At Once: 9/2/2020 06:04:56

Level 63
On mobile, you can disable the grouping of deployments or attack/transfers

For UJS I couldnt find such a setting.
You can use your arrow keys to show the moves one by one, and manually control the speed in which the moves are shown.
If that is too slow for you, you can also use View All and look at the moves one by one.
Any Way To Slow Down/Limit Moves Shown At Once: 9/2/2020 07:05:14

Kenghis Ghan 
Level 61
Spam the up and down arrow to see all of the moves one by one. For orders that alternate between players, it's actually faster than clicking watch and you can control the speed.
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