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Any enemies?: 9/1/2020 03:15:37

General Stevo
Level 55
Are there any enemies to fight in this game? I appreciate the effort to create the game, but I got through the first couple levels thinking these are just training levels, but don't really see a point to continue to other levels if there is no challenge to the game, but to wait long enough. Don't most idle games have an enemy to conquer? If there is no way to fail, then what is the point of trying to be strategic? There should be a way to fail, whether it is an enemy taking back over the territory, or some sort of time limit. At a minimum, maybe a score at the end on how you did versus the target time?
Any enemies?: 9/1/2020 03:17:43

Level 60
maybe the challenges are the closest thing to what you want
Any enemies?: 9/2/2020 16:39:12

Level 57
i think that having idle multiplayer could be possible
Any enemies?: 9/2/2020 16:48:59

Level 63
You can always try Warzone classic. It isnt an idle game but a risk game that has both a singleplayer and multiplayer option where you'll fight against enemies.
Any enemies?: 9/2/2020 17:31:10

Level 58
The arena adds resources and AP if you win which in turn helps progress through the
levels in idle.Not so much an enemy but adds to the game itself.
Any enemies?: 9/4/2020 21:12:03

Level 62
The arena adds resources and AP

Arena adds AP? Is that legit & confirmed? It doesn't show that in the rewards, just armies, money & items.
Any enemies?: 9/4/2020 21:28:11

Dutch Desire 
Level 60
From what I understand is that Warzone Idle is made to be playable in between Warzone Classic games/turns, that's why there is no challenge/enemies in Warzone Idle (except for the arena).
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