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PC v's Phone game play questions?: 8/30/2020 17:54:35

Sasquatch Bohogotot 
Level 59
I simply stopped playing it on my phone.

Desktop PC v's Cell Phone game play: I am still confused about how it works in the way of should I be playing the exact same game level as on my PC due to the fact that it is the same Warzone account, OR am I OK in playing on the same account and starting from the beginning level again when I started on my phone weeks later? This also confused me when "Sync" was thrown into the mix, so I just stopped playing on my phone in fear of loosing all my game play and coins spent on my PC game play.

So, if you understand me, please explain to me how it works, and if all is OK, that I can start playing on my phone again or not?

To sync PC: ctrl-alt-g

To sync phone: ???

I was wondering if this can be done?
1) Is it possible to have CHANGE RECIPE on one side or the other and have Smelters/Crafters Pop-Up on the other side filling the Black Area up and alleviating the need to always move the CHANGE RECIPE window out of the way.
Do not know about you guys, but I like to see both cause you can see your ore counts while you are deciding.

2) This could be the same for the Market.

3. Finishing up on Geopolotics, 5 days-20hours.

4. Current Advancements Stats:

1. Increased Army Camp Production: 80%.
2. Increased Ore Sell Values: 60%.
3. Discounted Mine Upgrades: 13%.
4. Increased Idle Time: 30 min.
5. Joint Strike: 11%
6. Increased Idle Time: 120 min.
PC v's Phone game play questions?: 8/30/2020 17:56:50

Kenghis Ghan 
Level 61
To sync on phone, click this button in the top right corner for mobile.

Edited 8/30/2020 17:57:00
PC v's Phone game play questions?: 8/30/2020 17:56:53

Level 63
with the latest update, both your browser tab and the idle tab on your phone SHOULD sync automatically when you close them.

to force a sync:
on pc: ctrl alt g
on phone: open menu (where you can find your settings, profile, achievements, mail, etc) > sync

EDIT: KG posted the symbol up above, thanks KG

Edited 8/30/2020 17:57:17
PC v's Phone game play questions?: 8/30/2020 18:25:14

Sasquatch Bohogotot 
Level 59
Thanks guys, but still confused about being on same account but playing 2 different game levels?

1. should I be playing the same levels and same game on my phone or not?
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