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AP upgrade "Additional Mercenaries": 8/30/2020 06:41:04

Level 62
RE: AP upgrade "Additional Mercenaries"
Increases the number of armies available in mercenary camps by 10%. Upgradable to 150% in 2.5% increments.

I'm playing Australia, and upgraded this AP advancement from 27.5% to 40% but the merc camp available units didn't change. I have 2 merc camps with 878K and 16M units respectively both before and after the upgrade. Is this advancement working properly? Am I getting the value from it?

Edited 8/30/2020 06:41:53
AP upgrade "Additional Mercenaries": 8/30/2020 13:49:33

Level 63

Warzone Creator
It applies when you get a new mercenary camp. It doesn't affect ones you've already conquered.
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