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AP Increased Draft Sizes upgrade: 8/28/2020 18:01:02

Level 62
RE: the AP "Increased Draft Sizes" upgrade, does anyone know how much the 2nd/3rd/4th upgrades cost? 1st upgrade is 505 AP for +10% draft size which is hella expensive.

Judging by the end stats on levels ... the biggest contributors to army counts throughout the level are:

[sample figures from my current progress on Scandinavia]

1) Merc camps (48B)
2) Cache resources (60B)
3) Drafts (23B)
4) Army camps (6B)

Sometimes cache can overtake Mercs, and sometimes Drafts can overtake them both, but Army camps never does, it's always firmly at the bottom despite having +100 army camp production. So not putting anymore AP into that bonus b/c even +200% of a small # = still a small #.

So for the Scandinavia example figures above, I'd rather put money into Drafts to get +100% of 23B than into Army camps to get to +200% of 6B.

But maybe just increasing size of Merc camps (I'm currently @ +27.5%) is the better way to go. Don't see an option to increase Armies received from Caches.
AP Increased Draft Sizes upgrade: 8/28/2020 19:52:17

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
2nd Stage is like 30 AP.
AP Increased Draft Sizes upgrade: 8/28/2020 19:53:42

Level 62
Oh wow, that goes way down. Thanks.
AP Increased Draft Sizes upgrade: 8/29/2020 09:20:37

The Gunslinger
Level 64
100%~>110% costs 75ap
AP Increased Draft Sizes upgrade: 8/31/2020 20:20:18

Sasquatch Bohogotot 
Level 59
Hi, once you "Unlock" any Advancements AP option, they all (6) have dropped down for me. I started, " Breaking Green" at 1735 hours, EST Today8/31/20. Offers 240 AP points as seen in the map list. I have taken advantage of the 30% bonus AP every time, allowing me to get considerably more options activated verses not buying bonus AP. I will get about 75 extra AP from this match buying bonus AP. Phase 2 has also opened with great option also to pick out. Yes, they cost even more AP to Unlock.

So, the main big hurdle to plan on is getting it "Unlocked", then expect it to drop considerably and gradually get higher and higher. Do not let the Unlock stop your plans, at least it has not for me once I figured this out.

Edited 8/31/2020 21:55:05
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