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Map Making Resources: 8/28/2020 07:42:46

Level 59
It has been quite a while since I made a map, but now I'm back at it with some new ideas in mind.
What tools are recommended these days?
Do you work with vector graphics from the start, or do you use a pixel format and convert it?
What tool to vectorize the map graphic?
How do you automate assigning territory-IDs, adding connections and naming territories in Warzone?
What is the most efficient work flow?
Map Making Resources: 8/28/2020 17:09:22

Level 57
Most people use inkscape for making the svg

Work with vectors from the start

I think some people have an extension to automate territory IDs but I just do it by hand - in the automatically generated object IDs that Inkscape will give to your territories (eg. path1234, path5678) paste “Territory_” into where it says path, so now you have Territory_1234 and Territory_5678, I think this is the most efficient way to do it by hand

Adding connections and naming territories in WZ can’t be automated, just gotta grind it out

I’ve found the best workflow is to start with the map outline, then do bonuses, then territories, then aesthetics, then bonus links and IDs, then resize and the map and upload to WZ
Map Making Resources: 8/28/2020 19:32:49

Level 59
I only use Inkscape to name the territories
I use AutoCad to create the map.

A hint on naming territories....
Select all (ctrl A)....
Find/Replace (ctrl F)
in the find box put Path_
in the replace box put Territory_
under "search in" click properties
click find than replace all.

You will still have to go change the name of the BonusLinks
Map Making Resources: 8/29/2020 12:27:30

Level 45
Smoke Eater, that doesn't work. If you do ctrl+A, then it will select everything, including the lines between territories and all sorts of other things that aren't actually territories. You have to hold shift and manually select all the territories and then do a find/replace.
Map Making Resources: 8/29/2020 12:29:21

Level 61
The solution to that is to always work with layers. Make a separate layer which only contains territories, hide all other layers and then Ctrl+A will work.
Map Making Resources: 8/29/2020 15:07:59

Level 49
My dude using AutoCad
Map Making Resources: 8/31/2020 14:32:39

Level 59
It does work, I've done it. you can go back and rename everything that is not a territory or select all then ctrl+click to deselect the objects you don't want to rename.
Farah has a good point also, using layers helps. Autocad (and other CAD programs) use layers and they import well into Inkscape

Edited 8/31/2020 14:39:59
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