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Saving Maps as Images?: 8/26/2020 20:34:29

Level 13
Is it possible to save any of these maps as jpg or png images? There's a few that I'd like to use for other projects, so I was curious if this was even possible. This map was one I was particularly interested in:
Saving Maps as Images?: 8/26/2020 20:53:32

Level 30
There is no built-in mechanism that I know of. You could mail the map creator and ask them for the SVG file they used for the map. That'll probably be by far the most versatile file since you can resize it to any dimension or edit it, etc.

Plus it would give them the opportunity to consent to your use of their artwork.

EDIT: Wouldn't work here, as Issander is long since retired.

Edited 8/26/2020 20:54:21
Saving Maps as Images?: 8/27/2020 11:37:38

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Level 62
Only way I see is to make a Screenshot
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