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Diplomacy Tournament Update!: 8/23/2020 04:36:12

Level 55
Hello! We have gotten 33 responses from the original Diplomacy Tournament Forum post, 31 of which said they were interested! We have decided upon the general format of the tournament, although official details and country sign-ups will not be released for the next couple of days, as we are still finalizing things. The idea of connecting multiple wars has been scrapped, and instead, we will start with one conflict, and let players choose how the history of the world ends! The conflict we have chosen to begin with is the September invasion of Poland by the Nazis, this event would start WW2. We chose this because most of our player base has the most knowledge of this war from our estimation. Each country will have 2 days to anonymously side with either Germany or Poland, siding with the country will increase their armies, but be careful, because if you side with a loser, there may be consequences, it may make the battles you will fight more difficult. A player can also decide to be neutral, but, there are plenty of consequences for that too! I will release the full details and country sign-ups as soon as they are finalized, and we will begin the tournament! May the best Strategy/Diplomacy player win!

If you have not filled out the interest form, please do here: https://forms.gle/quPxKgYAoUrj1Tec6
if you have not yet joined the Warzone Diplomacy Server, please join here: https://discord.gg/9AXZBJd

many thanks,
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