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Anyone Duo with me?: 8/13/2020 18:46:23

Level 15
Hi! First time here. I don't want to play Solo anymore, people are cheating ganging up in Squads of 2 and 3. Non sense or me. I enjoy the game, finish often in the 30s. I don't care about my numbers or whatever.
I am 74. Have hand tremor/shaking disabilities + meds [no pity please!]. Have a custom stand very comfy so the controller does not move, only my fingers. Works really well.
If this is the wrong place to post this or have any ideas let me know.
I did "fill up' duos but my teamate always takes off miles away!!!
Anyone Duo with me?: 8/14/2020 02:24:19

Level 59
Hello Beemerchef,
goodluck in your games!
Anyone Duo with me?: 8/16/2020 20:43:08

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Level 61
You can find fellow warzone players in this discord https://discord.gg/FU22jkq
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