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cheating in 4player ffa: 8/13/2020 03:29:42

Level 60
https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=23564211 in this game two players both with mexico ip adresses never attack each other it looks like one player and two accounts what do you think?
cheating in 4player ffa: 8/13/2020 03:33:00

Level 56
I think it's more likely they know each other IRL, but it's possible.
cheating in 4player ffa: 8/13/2020 04:08:06

Level 59
Use the in-game (or on-profile) report button and make sure to include the game link. If this is one player with two accounts, the admins have the tools to pick up on that. Keep in mind that ordinary collusion is not against the rules:
Players working together is not against the rules, and you should not report players for doing so. To avoid collusion, play in 1 v 1 games where collusion is impossible, or in team games (since then the collusion is pre-arranged), or just play with friends you trust. You may also wish to blocklist this player so you don't have to play with them anymore.

Edited 8/13/2020 04:09:18
Posts 1 - 3 of 3