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a question for the boys..: 6/3/2014 05:37:07

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This is an image that has been circulating around facebook. The goal of this image: to boost female morale in attempt to counter 'Purity Balls'. A a purity ball is an event that has existed since the early 1990s, designed to sexualize and fetishize young (conservative) girls which originated in the United States. Essentially, it is a large ceremony in which over age 5, but not typically older than 25, receives a ring from her father which binds her to the Lord and himself. (Quoted: "This is just a reminder that keeping yourself pure is important. So you keep this on your finger and from this point you are married to the Lord, and your father is your boyfriend"). The ring symbolizes everything that is supposedly representative of purity and is a girl's promise that she will not consider courtship with anyone while she wears it.

Original article: http://bluenationreview.com/your-messed-up-christian-tradition-is-fetishizing-little-girls/

So, people of the internet.. what is your opinion of these purity balls?

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a question for the boys..: 6/3/2014 05:46:40

[WM] แต€แดดแดฑ๐“•๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ 
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no biggie - "while she wears it" - so she can take it off while the guy is putting "a hat" on if you know what i mean.. ;)
a question for the boys..: 6/3/2014 07:07:19

LustyTrucker 10:4
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purity balls. better than blue balls. not as good as pin balls
a question for the boys..: 6/3/2014 07:56:04

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It makes sense, I like that picture. But that my opinion may be influenced by my solemn hatred of people who "devote their lifes to God".

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a question for the boys..: 6/3/2014 14:50:48

Neckbeard MHRA
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A traditional society was based on the idea that men produce and women procreate. This kept the society running because men couldn't procreate and women couldn't produce as most of the work in earlier times was strenuous, manual labour.

Women couldn't work so they needed a man to earn money for themselves. But to get a man, they needed to give something in return - sex. By collectively withholding sex when single, women could create a shortage of it for the men. So men who wanted sex needed to get a job and get married. As supply of sex diminished while demand stayed the same, its price got higher, meaning that a woman could get a better-off man in return for sex in marriage.

Purity Balls are a means to enhance this system by applying peer pressure and indoctrination from a very young age. If a 5-year-old is told something by its parents, it will more willingly accept it as the truth than a 25-year-old who might apply critical thinking and question whether this is a good idea. Moreover, after attending the Purity Ball ceremony, a girl having sex is not just disobeying her parents' will, but also breaking a promise she made – even though it was not her decision to attend the Purity Ball, but her parents'.

In today's society, the system of women procreating and men producing is outdated. There is much intellectual work that women can do, and there are more than enough people in the world anyway.

So on one hand, it's good that the facebook campaign publicly attacks Purity Balls so that people, especially women, would start opposing it more. On the other hand, in typical feminist fashion, the campaign is not being completely truthful. It's not a system created by men to oppress women, but a system that limited both sexes. By reciting this narrative that men are bad, women are good, the feminists secure themselves the support of half of the population, which is effective politics, but they bend the truth somewhat.
a question for the boys..: 6/6/2014 19:01:29

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This is internet slander. I never heard of such and the text "your father is your boyfriend" does sound terribly wrong. Truth is that there is a movement "true love waits" or so which simply means: no sex until marriage. This is Christian, but not the thing that you are telling.

And the common notion that a women can *somehow* (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) transform a boy into a man, shouldn't be new to you. So "virginity" is not a woman-centered concept.

On the other hand do you have knowledge of your anatomy? Do you not know where the concept of female virginity originates? And do I have to explain that the penis really physically manages this *miracle* of defloration? No one needed to invent anything.

The whole point about this invented stories aka propaganda are the people who eagerly suck it up, while one might presume they know better and have to forget forcefully.
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