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Supercharge Mine/Army Camp + Time Warp: 8/5/2020 07:43:41

Level 59
Has anyone else used the two in conjunction? I have twice now, with Supercharge Army Camp (once at the end of Drakemor, once in the late game for Peloponnesian War) and I'm wondering if the numbers check out. If you're curious, no, there's no glitch where the Time Warp extends the Supercharge effect for the full hour.

For Drakemor, I didn't track the numbers as closely as the whole sanity-check was an afterthought, so they might be off due to recording error. I had an army camp producing 253/s and another producing 144/s; I supercharged the 253/s + used a Time Warp (about 6s into the supercharge). I gained ~4.2M armies total, although I might be off here. Mathematically, I'd expect to have gained ~2.9M armies instead (253/s * 19x supercharge-original * 60s + 397s * 3600s).

For Peloponnesian, I started with 2.23M armies with 293/s of income. I upgraded a camp producing 163/s to 20x (to get total income of 3.39k/sec) and turned on the Time Warp 10s in. I ended with 4.66M armies, for a gain of 2.43M. I'd have expected to gain 1.98M armies instead (3.39k/s * 300s + 293/s * 3300s).

I did it again in Pelo: started with 2.12M with 327/s income. Upgraded 182/s for total of 3.78k/sec. Time warped 15s in. Ended up with 4.60M armies, for gain of 2.48M. I'd have expected to gain 2.21M instead (3.78k/s * 300s + 327/s * 3300s).

The latter numbers are closer to what I'd expect, but all seem off by a bit in the player's favor. Anyone else want to test and share their data? Perhaps I'm missing something about how these power-ups work or neglecting some factor somewhere...

Edited 8/5/2020 07:52:50
Supercharge Mine/Army Camp + Time Warp: 8/5/2020 21:46:56

Sasquatch Bohogotot 
Level 58
I tried it before reading this, I did not see the numbers, it ends accordingly I believe.
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