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is quickmatch a democracy?: 7/29/2020 17:46:24

Level 59
qm seems to not give new templates a chance to get votes, people just vote for the top template.
is quickmatch a democracy?: 7/29/2020 17:47:07

Level 57
Democracy = Mob rule. Just control the mob
is quickmatch a democracy?: 7/29/2020 17:49:13

Level 56
Hey, this is the only template I am able to defeat that level 65 player.
*votes for 1v1 LD Siege*
is quickmatch a democracy?: 7/29/2020 17:50:15

Level 42
Votes are apportioned based on QM rank. You're right that the results of QM votes aren't exactly peak strategy templates, but new templates break in all the time. You can probably find a few templates right outside the bubble that can be brought in with just a handful of votes; you might even be able to push a template through yourself by spending all your votes on it.

You're right that it's an uphill battle for new templates (just-submitted ones) to make it to the top 40, since there's a virtuous cycle promoting already-popular templates (this is also how democracies work: already-popular politicians have a much easier time, and already-well-known policy proposals are able to get the vast majority of discussion airtime while novel ideas have to fight for attention). If you've got a template like that, consider pitching it in a forum post or the Discord. Having just a few top players (with their many votes) like your template can provide a crucial boost.
is quickmatch a democracy?: 7/29/2020 17:56:39

Level 59
you can only vote for a template 3 times
is quickmatch a democracy?: 7/29/2020 17:58:40

Level 56
The main problem with Quickmath is, that players, who write this kind of messages on map review:
The map is nice but you have a scenario in which you have NO troops and NO gold and no way to win! This is a BAD JOKE and the 'warzone' people should have flagged this scenario as garbage!
get to vote too.
is quickmatch a democracy?: 7/29/2020 19:04:53

Level 58
EDIT: Just spent 2 votes. If I'm guessing the mechanics right and no one else votes to counteract me, the next QM ranking update should kick Cidade de Sao Paulo out of the QM rotation and save Yorkshire brawl rt and Blitzkrieg Bork. Unfortunately this will also knock Red Dead Remption (#33, 48 -> now 46 votes) down to rank 37-39.

3 votes are powerful. Multiples of 3 are also powerful (6*3 is enough to get to the 41-60 bubble of visible contenders, and 15*3 is enough to get to #40).

Here's a few things you can do with 3 votes right now:

  • Decide the fate of 4 templates: Strat ME (#37, 45 votes), 1 v 1 - Cidade de Sao Paulo (#38, 45 votes), Blitzkreig Bork (#39, 45 votes), and Yorkshire brawl rt (#40, 45 votes) have fewer votes than Small Earth 4 Players (#41, 47 votes). If I understand this right, that means SE4P is about to take the #37 spot and push Yorkshire brawl rt. But you can use 1 vote to save Yorkshire brawl rt (dooming Blitzkreig Bork), 2 votes to kick out Cidade de Sao Paulo instead, and 3 votes to kick Strat ME out of QM's rotation.
  • Get a template into the rotation: Europe 3v3 (#42, 44 votes) might be able to get into the top 40 with just 1 vote. With 2, you can guarantee it. With 3, you can get it to the #34-38 range (the 3 templates at #34-36, as well as #41, all have 47 votes).
  • Get a template into striking range of QM: Northern Vanuatu (#43, 40 votes), SE 1v1 (no-luck cycle + 1 army guard) (#44, 39 votes), and Treasure Map 1v1 (#45, 39 votes) are all within 6 votes of making it into the QM rotation. Your 3 votes can set up someone else with 3 votes to get them into QM.
  • Move an in-rotation template a rank up (or more): There's a few templates separated by 3 votes or less:
    • 1v1 LD Siege (#9, 111 votes) and Imperium Romanum 1v1 - 35/85 (#10, 109 votes)
    • Elitist Africa 1v1 NLC (#14, 92 votes) and Biomes of Americas 1 v 1 (#15, 90 votes)
    • Biomes of Americas 1 v 1 (#15, 90 votes) and French Brawl (#16, 88 votes)
    • French Brawl (#16, 88 votes) and Small Earth with Bomb Card and Commander (#17, 87 votes)
    • Flight of Europa (#20, 59 votes) and Landria 1v1 - block and gift (#21, 58 votes)
    • Landria 1v1 - block and gift (#21, 58 votes) and Georgia Army Cap (#22, 56 votes)
    • Georgia Army Cap (#22, 56 votes) and Timid Lands 1v1 (#23, 56 votes)
    • Timid Lands 1v1 (#23, 56 votes) and China 1v1 (#24, 54 votes)
    • Basically the entire 2nd page (#21-40) has runs of templates <3 votes apart. E.g., #21-25 are 58, 56, 56, 54, 52 votes. There's 5 at 49 votes, 3 at 48 votes, soon to be 4 at 47, and 4 at 45.

    Since not that much of the QM playerbase makes it to rank #40, you can vote templates up or down and potentially significantly increase (or decrease) the number of players that will unlock them.

Edited 7/29/2020 19:11:07
is quickmatch a democracy?: 7/29/2020 21:04:16

Timinator • apex 
Level 66
There's already so much garbage in QM, it's saddening.
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