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Are games evil?: 7/9/2020 18:07:33

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Computer games are designed to be addictive. They rely on reward paths in our brains to create a dependency, just like social media. Do you think games should be banned in US? They're the reason countless young men cannot find a job or start a family, because they play all the time and never leave parents house.
Are games evil?: 7/9/2020 21:33:57

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yes they are
Are games evil?: 7/9/2020 23:06:41

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Games are like candy, it's something we do to enjoy life more. If you do it only in your spare time, and even so keep it in moderation, then you're good. If you play games enough that you get addicted, then you're ruining your own life... you have no one to blame but yourself. Keep it in moderation, set yourself a time limit if you have to, and you'll be fine.
Are games evil?: 7/10/2020 23:00:58

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I have no background in studying addiction so the following is just based on assumption and primary and secondary experience but I find it a very interesting topic.

Products that are built towards and function best when addicting and perverting the life of there participants could well be called evil. I guess the worst of these would be hard drugs , gambling. The latter is fairly common in a lot of games today such as mobile gatcha and many western multiplayer titles; when companies invest significant expense in researching psychological rewards to get people hooked on spending money it certainly comes close to the idea of evil.

Aside from this I view games addiction as similar to alcoholism ; both can be consumed in a healthy manner but based on the individual and certain circumstances may have a deliberating effect. Maybe not super apt as alcoholism has a genetic factor and generally speaking effects are much worst.

"Do you think games should be banned in US"
Not practical as you know before asking the question. But the practices they use as well as other people destroying industries cast heavy aspersion on the sort of culture that would allow and propitiate them. Computer games , high speed porn social media and online betting are still relatively new. I'm curious to see what long term fuckery they produce.
Are games evil?: 7/11/2020 16:07:43

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Above 30h/week is considered addiction. According to WHO only about 1-3% qualify as addicts. So no need to worry (They werent going to do anything remarkable anyway). If you think that you are addicted you can always go on a detox or seek help.
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