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Team separation: 7/6/2020 02:23:35

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prinz von Preußen
Level 56
Would it be possible to have the option to split away from you team and join a new one? Could you also create teams when in a game so you could see each other and transfer? Does this already exist in a mod, because I don't have mods and I think this would be a good addition.
Team separation: 7/6/2020 02:25:04

Level 62
Doesn't exist in a mod.

Closest is the diplo mods, but these are 1-to-1 alliances.

There's no "team" affiliation. But if you agree on a "team", those players can all ally with one another, and that's the closest you get.

Chat on the other hand - nothing. You have public and 1-to-1 private chats.

TBest is working on a group chat mod but it's not out yet.
Team separation: 7/21/2020 23:50:07

Level 59
Similar to infected
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