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Mystic Mission (for players already in the game): 6/11/2020 00:08:38

Level 62
NOTE: Game is full and already started, so no additional players can join

Game link:

__Mystic Mission [mods]
• This is an FFA with a diplo mod. This just means you must Declare War before attacking (else your attacks will be skipped), and you can make alliances to cooperate, etc.
• When the game starts, you will be given a set of tasks, and completing these tasks will earn you income from the Mystics (gifted to you using mods).
• As territory bonuses are low, completing tasks for the Mystics will be your main source of income.
• Some of your tasks are specific to you, and no one else will know what they are.
• You may only buy cards that cost 10 gold (Gift, Emerg Blockade, Blockade, Airlift). All other cards are for the Mystics only.
• Your commander is your king. If he dies, you lose. But he can also provide additional rewards if you risk exposing him in the open. See the Mystric tasks that have a 🚹 symbol.
• krinid = host, but is just another player in the game, has no special power whatsoever.
• prenk = the Mystics, not actually playing the game, will surrender when only 1 other player is left, will clarify all rules and pass final judgements. Will use the Gift Gold/Gift Armies mods to supply income to players completing Mystic tasks.
• Whenever you complete a task, you must message the Mystics (prenk) announcing the completion, linking the appropriate territory or bonus where appropriate.
eg: which territory/bonus/city you captured, the starting territory of another player you took, the territory where you eliminated a player, etc.
• Mystic PREREQUISITES are mandatory -- you won't receive income from the Mystics until you complete these.
• All other Mystic GOALS/TASKS/MISSIONS are optional -- but this is how you earn income, so you should focus on completing these.
• You will receive your own list of Mystic MISSIONS directly from the Mystics once the game starts. They are unique to you! Share/hide this info with others as you see fit.

Mystic PREREQUISITES (MP): (if you don't fulfill these, your Mystic income will be 0 regadless of what bonuses/tasks/missions you complete)
• #1: 5 gpt Send alliance request to prenk (the Mystics). (You need to use the Diplo v4 mod to do this [Game/Mod: Advanced Diplo Mod V4/Offer Alliance]).
• #2: 0 gpt Publically declare establishment of your kingdom (your player name must be in the name of your kingdom).
• #3: 0 gpt Publically declare your allegiance to the Mystics.
• #4: -- [unused]

Mystic GOALS (MG): (complete each of these once to permanently increase your income, repetition of each does not incur further bonus [does not stack])
• #5: 5 gpt Complete a territory bonus.
• #6: 5 gpt Capture a territory from another player. (You need to first use the Diplo v4 mod to Declare War on the player [Game/Mod: Advanced Diplo Mod V4/Declare War]).
• #7: 5 gpt Break a territory bonus that another player has completed. (You need to first use the Diplo v4 mod to Declare War on the player [Game/Mod: Advanced Diplo Mod V4/Declare War]).
• #8: 10 gpt Capture another player's starting territory. (You need to first use the Diplo v4 mod to Declare War on the player [Game/Mod: Advanced Diplo Mod V4/Declare War]).
• #9: 20 gpt Eliminate another player (be the one to make the final move that eliminates another player).

Mystic TASKS (MT): (must fulfill criteria each turn to keep receiving the bonus income)
• #10: -50 gpt [Starting from Turn 10] Not occupying your own starting territory.
• #11: 25 gpt 🚹 [Starting from Turn 10] Occupy another player's starting territory. [stackable]
• #12: 10 gpt 🚹 Occupy 1 or more territories in a city. [stackable]
• #13: 50 gpt 🚹 Occupy an entire city. [stackable]
• #14: -- [unused]
🚹 This symbol means rewards for this rule are doubled if your king is present.
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