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The best Warzone map: 6/9/2020 15:14:12

Level 40
Yes,I know that there exists rating. However,it is hard to say anything,since map with only 10 votes can often be better rated than one with hundreds or thousands of ratings.
Feel free to say here what map you think that it is the best. Some of the most common answers are Europe by Troll,Final Earth by RA or some big map. Size doesn't matter always. Balance is a good criterium.
I am also proposing a new system of rating (it should be used along with the current one) that would measure the quality of the map by the number of the 5 ratings minus the number of 1 ratings. It would be much morw relevant.
Have a good day!

Boka B
The best Warzone map: 6/9/2020 16:01:24

The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
imo the 2 best maps are Landria and Biomes
The best Warzone map: 6/9/2020 17:58:35

Level 46
I've tracked the map list for years and I always observe a return to equilibrium for all of the maps that achieve ~20+ votes. An unworthy new map does not stay on the top of the list very long. There actually seems to be an active tendency among the people who rate maps to rate as a means of affecting the overall rating, rather than as a real reflection of quality. Basically, people will rate a decent map 1 star just to sink the rating below the maps that they prefer. It would behoove those people in the name of accuracy to change their ratings once the overall rating became deflated, but the tendency to uprate a deflated map is not as strong as the reverse. This partially explains the low average rating of maps once they achieve ~50+ ratings.
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