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Why is this happening?: 5/29/2020 14:43:37

Level 44
I'm adding the finishing touches to my new map, and I am perplexed. I added bridges to signify where rivers are cross-able, but there seems to be a bridge that I didn't make way out in the ocean. I moved all my layers to try to find it and figure out why it's showing up, but the svg shows no objects anywhere close to where warzone says it is. I'm not all that enthusiastic about having a random bridge in the ocean, so right now my plan is to just cover the area with something else. Anybody have a guess as to why this is happening?
Why is this happening?: 5/29/2020 14:46:44

Level 61
WZ sometimes has some rendering issues, try refreshing the page a couple times, maybe it will magically snap to the right location....
Why is this happening?: 5/29/2020 14:55:58

Level 7
I feel bad for you. also do what jk does because I don't know batshit about this.
Why is this happening?: 5/29/2020 15:08:31

Level 62
That happens sometimes when the object’s nodes have math applied to them. Make sure the bridge is 100% nodes and does not contain any premade shapes from the square tool. If you’re using the same bridge object in multiple places, you can also try deleting it and putting another copy there. Another weird trick is to slightly move it and reupload.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4