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Reality Mirror: 5/26/2020 02:32:18

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Kyle had been surveying the storage room located in the basement. He worked as a safety inspector and was currently working on a retail store. Kyle was walking along Georgie, who was the Manager.

Kyle: This part looks like nobody has gone through it in year
Georgie: That can't be, I don't see what mess you're talking about
Kyle: Well right there, in front of us
Georgie: Well what are you talking about, it looks clean

They both walked trying to get to the next aisle but where hit in the face by a cold flat surface

Kyle: Oh, I see, it's a mirror
Georgie: Hmm, yeah, I guess it is

Kyle saw his own reflection, it was his younger self, a 20-year old version. Time was ticking fast for him, and he wishes he could relive it again. He often tricked himself into thinking he married the right woman, no matter how many times subconsciously thinks it was a mistake.
Georgie saw a thinner man in his reflection. A shirtless fit man was looking at him. Georgie stood at 5'10"(1.77m) tall and 350lbs. Everyone looked at him and looked away simultaneously.

None of the men spoke of what they saw, they saw each others reflection in the same way as reality. But no exchange of their own distorted reflection.
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