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Airports.And airports which are linked on mini map: 5/19/2020 08:42:36

Level 56
Hi all,
I'm currently playing on a new map which has 8 aircraft graphics on individual territories.

These airports(?)are also linked on a mini map, with just the sign of the aeroplane linked by lines.

I've already observed that troops can be uploaded(i think)from the territory on which they were resting onto the appropriateaircraft and that these aircraft on the mini map approximate the respective positions they sit within on the main map,and, that these troops can also be moved from one airport to another via the linking system between the airports(or aircraft).
My question, at a key juncture in this game, is that currently there's a large stack of enemy troops residing on the airplane on the mini map which corresponds to the territory on which the airport resides on the main maop, and which i also have a sizeable stack.

My question, i suppose, is this: i take it that the troops essentially have to undergo THREE turns to:

transfer from territory onto the airport/plane IN that terrritory the player wishes them to travel from,

another turn to fly in the air from one plane to another, as it were(the destination, if it's one which is linked directly on the mini map),

And then a third turn to disembark and transfer/attack on to the main map 'ground' territory on the third turn?

Asan addendum, the mini map has a key(which unfortunately is slightly uinhelopful/misleading: it has ships on it(with the number 2 next to it i think), plus a value for regional cities, and the number seven next to a grpahic of one of the aircraft.

Now..there are EIGHT 'airports' o th emap from what i can see, so, does the seven denote the territorial bonus for owning ALL the airports on the map, or to something else?

ANy help wouild, as always, be gratefully received!

Airports.And airports which are linked on mini map: 5/19/2020 09:57:31

Level 62
Could you link the game? Game > Settings > Full settings > link.
Airports.And airports which are linked on mini map: 5/19/2020 10:09:39

Level 56
Airports.And airports which are linked on mini map: 5/19/2020 10:16:55

Level 61
I think I vaguely remember that map, as far I as remembered the airplanes on the mini map and the airports on the big map are the same territory. This means that you indeed need to use 3 moves to get from a ground province to another ground province.

The 7 is indeed the bonus for capturing all 8 aircraft (if you click on a bonus, it will highlight all the territories that are part of that bonus)
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