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Community Level Alternative AIs: 4/29/2020 03:26:36

Level 64

Warzone Creator
When making a community level, you now have the option to switch which algorithms will power the AIs in that level. This gives a lot of new options for community level authors to play with to create more fun and exciting levels!

The AI options are:

  • Prod 2.0 Random: This is the AI that was previously used on all levels. This is the default.
  • Prod 2.0: This is the same as the above AI, except that it doesn’t allow randomness to influence its actions at all. This is a great choice if you’re making a puzzle level, where you want predictable AI behavior. This wouldn’t be a great choice in a normal level since a smart player could learn to predict what the AI will do, since there’s no randomness.
  • Prod 1.0: This is the old version of the WarLight AI, originally written in 2009. Likely not a good choice for a level unless you specifically want a dumb AI, or are trying to re-create some of WarLight’s old levels like the insane challenge.
  • Wunderwaffe: An AI written by the player Norman for an AI competition. Tends to be more strategic with its armies and moves than the above options.
  • Cowzow: Another AI written for an AI competition.

To change the AI used in your level, press the new “Change AI Type” button under Change Players.

Feel free to experiment and see what you can come up with! Post your level links using new AIs here.

Edited 4/29/2020 03:32:55
Community Level Alternative AIs: 4/29/2020 15:17:31

Level 60

Muli's level using Prod 2.0 Rumors say it's a nice level with no luck! needed :)
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