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Black Screen on Android App: 4/23/2020 16:39:14

Godzilla's Butt 
Level 15
I'm fairly new to Warzone and have been enjoying for a couple weeks on the android app but a few days ago the app starting loading to a black screen immediately after showing the loading screen. No amount of uninstalling and re-installing seems to help.
The dark pattered background and adds still load. There also seems to be audio.

The people I was playing with at the time do not seem to be having any issues.

Phone and app did not update recently before the issue started.

I've not seen this issue in any other threads so if you have advice it would be appreciated.

My account and games seem to still work in Chrome but this is much less convenient for me.
Black Screen on Android App: 4/23/2020 17:07:44

Level 60
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