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Map Balancing Help!: 5/10/2014 18:48:53

Level 58
Hey so after I made "Duel Islands" I made "Truel Islands" which is not yet public because it is not balanced!!! The south island almost always wins, and sometimes the east island wins. The north island rarely wins. (I use AI games to determine this.)
Anyone have a suggestion? Any help at all is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!!


Edit: If you see red connections, that is stuff I have tried but you can still suggest a combination of sea routes for me to try.

Edit 2: Also I reduced the southern bonus and increased the northern bonus, it doesn't help that much and I'd like to keep them the same.

Edited 5/10/2014 19:00:11
Map Balancing Help!: 5/10/2014 19:01:47

Level 50
Hmmm, maybe you could try moving Kybur base to the bay above Vuter? Right now it is the closest to the other continents of all bases (and move the North Kybur bonuslink to the northeast afterwards, for aesthetic purposes).

Edited 5/10/2014 19:02:51
Map Balancing Help!: 5/11/2014 04:05:34

Level 61
Part of the reason the AI on the north island always loses is because it is a shorter distance from the starting point of the north island to the other 2 main islands (4 moves). It takes about 6 moves to get to the other main islands starting on the east or south islands. So, the AI on the north island probably goes to the other islands and fights both the other AIs at once and dies. The south/east islands are then left over. I agree with Moros that moving Kybur base to a better location might solve the problem.
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