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Exploit #2: 2/19/2020 21:17:13

Level 61
So you can exploit single-player. That's cool and all, but how about multi-player? That's where the coins are!

Since mods are now a thing, new options are opening up. Of course anyone can rig a mod, adding some line that makes you win if your name is Farah♦. (Which I suggest all mod creators do btw)
But what if a mod is regarded safe? Take Krzystof's reversed pick mod; everyone knows it's safe and it works, right?
It turns out, a mod creator can edit the code and have the changes take effect in ongoing games.

So, for the exploit:
1) Create a mod
2) Create a big coin game against someone on a template with said mod
3) Confuse mod with MoD; now you're robbing Master-coins
4) Get MoD to join the game
5) Change the code of the mod (not MoD) so you automatically win.
6) Buy Farah♦ a lifetime membership
Exploit #2: 2/21/2020 01:35:36

Level 62

Warzone Creator
The main protection against this is that all mods are on GitHub, which keeps a public history of all code changes forever. You could get away with this once but then your credibility is gone and you'll never have a trusted mod again.

Edited 2/21/2020 01:36:31
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