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Idea - chronological listing of comments: 2/19/2020 18:07:36

Level 54
When I view the comments others have made on a particular level (single player) they don't seem to be in any form of organisation. Is there any way to list comments in chronological order, say from most recent first?
I know this might seem a petty but it might help someone stuck on this game, or most recent praise or discussion of a certain level.
Idea - chronological listing of comments: 2/19/2020 18:44:40

Level 60
I assume you are talking about map reviews? AFAIK, there is no way to comment on a SP level.
This page : https://www.warzone.com/Map/7224-Modified-Medium-Earth is for reviews of the map itself.
(I saw you made a comment there)

Also, they are sorted by helpfulness. If you look under the comment, there is Yes/No voting.

EDIT: reading thru the reviews.... a lot of players have made reviews of level there. Might be nice to make it clear what you are doing. And would also be nice to have level reviews I guess.

Edited 2/19/2020 18:46:10
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