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Risk free on Steam soon: 2/18/2020 13:09:51

Level 55
I had an advert thrown in my face this morning to that effect
The video shows the exact opposite of what I enjoy and why I love warzone
Loads of fancy smash bang graphics argghh
Warzone simple and totally effective
And I find it hard to believe that it will not be heavily monitised and so near pointless to play
It will be interesting to know how many ideas they have lifted from warzone
Risk free on Steam soon: 2/18/2020 16:21:26

Level 60
Wow. Yep, this is why I leave some ads on despite being a member.

Thanks Fizzer for not doing all of that horrible stuff that game is doing. And to the curious: be warned you might burn your eyes looking at that DLC list before the game is even out!
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