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1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/3/2014 01:53:09

Level 59
47 players have taken #1 on the 1v1 ladder. Surprisingly, only 6 would not have been able to achieve #1 without stalling. I looked into who stalled and who did not, and how many games they had when they took the top spot.

These are the 41 real #1's, the players that took #1 without stalling. Next to their name is the highest amount of unexpired games they had when they were on the #1 spot.

Heyheuhei 102
Impaller 92
grona 72
Zaeban 64
dreuj 54
Dead piggy 49
Teddy 45
Brisk 45
The Window Cleaner 41
CHRIS37 39
Lobstrosity 39
Timinator 35
Roo 35
Szewenigen 30
Unknownsoldier 29
Niko 29
Vanellope 28
Ace Windu 28
Luxis 28
JSA 26
Zibik 26
Veelvraat 25
Qi 23
Odin 23
Retrospecka 22
Belzebu 22
Gnuffone 22
Julkorn 21
Fizzer 20
dunga 20
Falker 19
Chaos 18
Summer 18
Mian 17
Huruey 17
Bosss 16
Marc 16
abr 16
Troll 15
byjie 15
Artham 15

These 6 players would not have taken #1 if they had not stalled. They are the fake #1's. Next to their name is how many games they stalled in order to take #1:
Oliebol 1
Ko 1
Marquis 1
Doushibag 3
Pulsey 4
Thanathos 4

Others, including Gnuffone and Belzebu have stalled in the past, but they also were at #1 at some point when they were not stalling.

So there are 41 legitimate #1's. If Fizzer adjusted the system to require 20 games instead of the 15 currently needed, there would only be 2 stallers (Doushibag and Marquis), and 11 non-stallers would also not have their #1 ranking.

Everyone says it is extremely hard to take #1 with a bunch of games, and this shows they are right. Only 5 #1's had more than 50 unexpired games when they took the top spot. Only 9 had more than 40. This makes Heyheuhei's taking of #1 with over 100 games very impressive. I would go as far as to say no one will ever beat his record. I think no players currently are both active and consistent enough to do it and I don't think any ever will again.

Congrats to HHH as being #1 with the most unexpired games! Congrats to all the real #1's and boo to the fake ones that had to stall to take #1.

Soon, I will add some more of the history of the 1v1 ladder including wins over other #1's for each #1, highest ratings, and a detailed timeline of the #1 spot. I have done most of this in the past, but will put all the results together into one thread. I will also do some more research to include some other past high ranked players (Blue Precision, THeWarlightmaster, Frankdeslimste, Widzisz) in how they do against #1's and will include their highest rankings.

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1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/3/2014 02:19:31

Level 56
what a coincidence this post was made right after my ladder reign.

its ok jay we get it ;)
1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/3/2014 02:22:13

Level 59
You inspired me to make it Pulsey :) I'd been meaning to do some more #1 history anyways, and when I saw you took #1 by stalling, I knew it was time.
1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/3/2014 02:26:53

Level 56
using the 'wall of shame' was funny, I was reminded of your eagerness to prove you're better than me, jay, like always ;)

its looks to me you just can't put down the schoolboy grudge ;)

PS: you took #1 on a day when Summer hhad the higher score. Does that make you a faker #1? ;D

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1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/3/2014 02:38:31

Level 59
I need no one's approval but my own. I've come into warlight and accomplished most of what I'd like to.

I will make more posts on the 1v1 ladder history in a few weeks.
1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/3/2014 02:51:20

Level 59
He found me out...

Time for my confessions: I hacked into Odin's account to see his picks. I hacked into Summer's account and made her leave the ladder for a day so I could be #1. I asked Fizzer about Kryzchu's picks and to see if he could give me first order against Pulsey. He complied on both. Also, dodo commander is my alt.

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1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/3/2014 03:01:43

Level 54
This is ridiculous.

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1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/3/2014 06:12:01

Level 56
ah, whether or not you asked Summer to leave ladder for you I don't know. But it means you didn't have the highest rating at that time, so you're a fake #1 jay! Better add your name to the wall of shame!

But wait, that won't make people think you're better than me, so better not.
1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/3/2014 13:46:36

Level 59
Lots of coincidences in the ladder. If you want to get down to it, szeweningen had lost against bowdon and would never have been #1. I would be #1 I'd Belzebub had not stalled against me in my ladder run when I maxed at #2. Many more instances as well, I'm sure. But it's impossible to determine that unless it is public knowledge. Not all real #1's deserved it but they did earn it.
1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/4/2014 08:43:28

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
Wow, this must take a lot of time, there is no easy way to collate this stuff. Qi was pretty adamant that douchibag stalled. If you are inclined then you could work out how many people would've been denied top spot if fizxer changed the rules to require you complete your first 15 (or 20) allocated games before being ranked, instead of any 15 games you fancied.
1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/4/2014 20:38:11

Mostly Harmless 
Level 55
Great work JSA!

I think Qi once did an analysis of how the different #1's faired against other #1's and players who maxed at second place. I'm also quite sure I ranked near the bottom of that list at the time. Must be much tougher to do the analysis now though, with more than a year of extra data.

Looking forward to more analyses :)
1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/5/2014 10:59:39

Math Wolf 
Level 63
If I recall well, Doushibag didn't stall to get to number 1 at that time, he stalled as soon as he was number 1. He wanted to
a) keep it as long as possible
b) get a rating as high as possible
c) keep Duke, who was at 2, from getting number 1
d) show how the system could be abused

I think he even stopped stalling as soon as Duke lost the 2nd place (weeks later).
1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/5/2014 17:04:17

Level 57
I think the wall of shame needs to be taken down. It's quite difficult to verify stalling and even if you can prove it, it's equally (or more) difficult to prove other top players didn't stall, even indirectly.

The wall of shame is clearly corrupt in principle because a lack of evidence to prove one's innocence or guilt.
1v1 Ladder: The #1's (Part 1): 5/5/2014 17:49:32

The Great Pulsius 
Level 57
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