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Custom Scenario & initial distribution - Possible?: 1/20/2020 17:17:39

Søren Tauber Lassen 
Level 32

I want to try and create a single player scenario with four AI's, that always have the same territories at the beginning, plus a number of other AI's (10+ including the player), who select their starting territory randomly from the rest of the territories available, but I can't figure out how to do it, if at all possible. It's doesn't seem to be possible, but want to ask before I dismiss the idea.

I've looked into creating it as a custom scenario and then using the scenario builder to create various groupings of territories to assign to AI's, but I can't figure out how, if possible, to assign four AI's statically to the same four areas every time and have the rest of the AI's be selected randomly.

Is this even possible?

Cheers :)
Custom Scenario & initial distribution - Possible?: 1/20/2020 19:45:35

Level 57
I'm not a programmer, but from what I do know about programming such an idea would probably be a real headache to implement and not worth the time and effort. I don't think this is or ever will be a setting.

Not that I'm against the idea, I'm neutral about it, just being honest with you.

Edited 1/20/2020 19:46:20
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