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manager league^??^: 7/3/2012 09:45:05

Level 62
When & Where! :)
when does will start-? :)
manager league^??^: 7/3/2012 12:53:37

awesomely bitchtastic beta 2.o
Level 58
What are you talkin about
manager league^??^: 7/3/2012 14:44:25

Level 55
Season one is currently underway Flyingbender - there's a buried thread about it somewhere with links to the games - they are all light fog so you can judge the progress of the games if you view them.

Some of the organisers are considering making season 2 real time (which i hope they don't) but whether it's real time or multi-day if/when season 2 begins new players can/will be inducted to the player roster. Watch out for a thread about the results and then how to become a rookie (as in first season not skill ;)) player.
manager league^??^: 7/3/2012 16:45:28

Level 53
darm i was employed but never invited to a game
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